Pocket sized cool. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pilot, meteorologist or just a hobbyist, you’ll love the Skymate SM-19 Wind Meter. This little device proves just by its very existence that you can’t do 100% of everything with a smartphone. Smartphones can tell you what the weather is like in your area, but can it tell you what’s going on in your backyard. Why? Because your phone doesn’t have the sensors it needs.

That’s where the SM-19 comes in. It has a real wind meter, hygrometer (humidity sensor) and dew point sensor. This is the kind of information you’ll need to know if you’re a pilot of any kind, but it can also come in handy if you’re doing anything outside. If the humidity is rising, and you see that the temperature is falling, you know that it’s going to rain if the temperature drops below the dew point. That’s bad news for your outdoor party.

It’s a little expensive for a toy but it’s one of those things you’ll find a ton of uses for when you do get it. And really, it’s not that expensive for everything that it does. And besides, it’s weatherproof and it floats so even if you ignore it and do end up standing in the rain, it will still work!

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