Protect your connections from the weather with STUF

We know that there are all sorts of installs. Some have the luxury of having everything in an air-conditioned and moisture-controlled room. Others have to survive the harshest elements. A weather boot can help control corrosion on the outside of a connector, but what about the inside? That’s what dielectric grease is good for.

STUF dielectric grease will help weatherproof your connectors from the inside by replacing the air trapped inside the connector. If air can get into a connector, so can water, but water can’t displace dielectric grease, plain and simple. STUF gives a waterproof seal, doesn’t harden, and doesn’t change the electrical properties of the connection… it’s the best of both worlds!

STUF is the only Dielectric grease which has a low Dielectric Constant which matches commonly found foamed polyethelene: ( Coax cable waveguide core ) and allows signal throughput without measurable signal loss impedence shift or incresed VSWR.
It is what makes it stand alone verses other silicone dielectric greases.

Best of all, it’s inexpensive, Properly made connections will last years, but what will they cost in time and effort to replace? Who knows. That’s why you need to make sure that your connections are properly weatherproofed, and that’s where STUF comes in.

STUF’s manufacturer has prepared a short article here, and we’ll be posting more information on the product page for STUF in the coming days.

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