RF Solutions for Large Commercial Developments

General contractors who need RF wiring trust the experts at Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions.  This division of Solid Signal provides custom low voltage solutions for construction projects of all sizes. This includes solutions for satellite, cell phone signal boosters, and WiFi, as well as automation, system integration, DAS systems, security, and more.  The team at Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions have earned the trust of building contractors and real estate developers across the country.  Perhaps they can help with your next project?

The Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions Process

The team starts by helping design the low voltage installation.  This includes everything from choosing the right equipment to how it will be installed within the property.  This is an important process because the installation’s success depends on it.  “Everyone on our team is an RF installation expert,” Nicholas explained.  “We rely on each other’s experience to make sure the solutions we provide offer the best possible options for our clients.”

When it comes to equipment, Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions has its clients covered.  As a division of Solid Signal, Signal Connect has access to the online electronics retailer’s inventory.  This means clients will have the best equipment solutions for their specific installations. Since no two commercial properties are the same, no two clients will have the same equipment needs.  As your RF distribution experts, you can trust our team to match your installation with the best equipment.

Working with Onsite Management

The Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions team has a history of working side-by-side with onsite management.  The bigger the project, the more integrated the team is with yours.  Nicholas explained, “No one knows the property better than those who’ve designed and built it.  When we work together with your people, it ensures that the installation gets done properly and on time.”  General contractors and real estate developers his team has worked with can be considered “highly-satisfied clients.”

The division’s work with onsite management doesn’t end once the installation is done.  “Our clients know that if they need anything related to their installation, we’re just a phone call away,” Nicholas said.  If something needs to be adjusted, or the client just has questions, their Signal Connect rep will gladly give them guidance over the phone.  In some cases, our team has walked people through fixes for a variety of connection issues.  We offer this continuing service free to all of our clients; they know that expert help is just a phone call away.”

 No Installation is Too Big…

The Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions team embraces large-scale commercial developments.  This was seen when they delivered the largest commercial DIRECTV 4K installation to date.  It was placed inside the owner’s suite inside a professional football stadium.  This installation featured 22 receivers, 22 client boxes, and 22 TV sets.  Every member of our team worked hard to make this one-of-a-kind installation happen.

This stadium installation helped earn the division more credibility among real estate construction contractors and real estate development companies.  “It’s really shown that we excel in handling the unique demands of large-scale commercial properties,” Nicholas commented.  The Signal Connect team continues to provide custom solutions for:

  • Shopping centers
  • Housing developments
  • New stadium constructions
  • New hospital constructions
  • New healthcare building constructions
  • And more…

Call Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions

Are you a general contractor who needs RF distribution in your latest commercial development?  The team at Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions can help.  It all starts with us giving you all the information you need.  Custom low voltage solutions can be tricky, so it’s natural for you to have questions. Contact us now!

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Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.