RV Park Managers, Meet Your Guests

Do you know the difference between the two types of RV owners? You should because these folks are your customer base.

There are two types of RV owners, according to the RV Industry Association (RVIA). There are “family campers,” and “casual campers.” Who are these RVers? And what do they want when they stay at your campground? You might be glad to know that family and casual campers both expect the same thing when they arrive at your park. We’ll discuss that, but first, let’s take a closer look at the two types of RV owners.

Family Campers: Who Are They?

The RVIA paints a clear picture of who these folks are. According to the organization, family campers tend to be between the ages of 18-43 (52%), and 35-54 (48%). These people have grown up with RVs and now use camping as a way to bond with their families. More than half of them travel with their spouses and children under age 18. Since 64% of family campers work full-time, they typically use their RVs in the summer.

The RVIA asked family campers why they go RVing. Here are their top three reasons:

  1. Exploring the outdoors,
  2. Relaxing,
  3. And visiting locations with natural beauty.

These folks enjoy staying in private campgrounds, recreation area campgrounds, and state parks.

Meet the Casual Campers

About 39% of all RV owners fall into this category, says the RVIA. The first thing you should know about this group is that they tend to be older than family campers. Roughly 82% of them are over 55. Here are a couple more interesting facts about casual campers:

  1. 90% of them live with no children at home,
  2. And 55% of them are retired.

This group goes camping for the same reasons – and in the same places – as they family campers. The only difference is frequency. According to the RVIA, nearly as many casual campers use their RVs in the fall as those who take them out in the summer.

What Both of These Campers Want from an RV Park

A high-speed internet connection. We didn’t need the RVIA to tell us this. Our Signal Connect division speaks with RV park managers every day. They all tell us that their guests need a reliable internet connection when they’re at the park. It makes sense when you think about it:

  1. Most casual campers are still employed, so they need to stay connected to the home office. Yes, even during family vacation time.
  2. Casual campers might be empty nesters, but they want to stay in touch with loved ones. The best way to do this is at an RV park with internet coverage.

You know what this means, right? It means that your campground needs a high-speed internet service. It also needs a Wi-Fi solution to deliver this service to every RV in every lot in your campground. Is your current internet provider really doing it? And what about your Wi-Fi installation? Maybe you should ask your guests!

Internet for RV Parks

I mentioned our Signal Connect division above. This is the part of the company that provides internet solutions to RV parks. Specifically, our Signal Connect reps offer AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI) from ACC Business, a division of AT&T. It’s great for RV parks because its many benefits, which include:

  • True high-speed performance
  • Dedicated fiber instead of broadband
  • Dedicated and managed internet access
  • Service that uses the AT&T IP Backbone (RFC2267-compliant)
  • End-to-end management from AT&T and Signal Connect

Signal Connect also offers Wi-Fi solutions to RV park managers. Our Solid Signal division carries all the devices needed for this. This includes the best high-speed routers, network switches, and outdoor access points. And your Signal Connect reps are experts at developing a blueprint for optimal internet distribution at your campground and more.

RV Park Managers, Contact Signal Connect

The reps in our US-based office will answer ALL your questions about RV park Wi-Fi systems. You can easily reach them by calling 888-233-7563. There’s another way to reach out to Signal Connect. You can take a few moments to fill out the form below, then send it to us. One of our group of commercial internet experts will reach out to you to set up a time to talk. It’s obvious that EVERY RV park guest wants a solid internet connection. That’s why it’s best to connect with us as soon as possible!

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