RVers rejoice: The perfect cell booster for cord cutting

If you like to stream when your RV is parked for the night, you might be frustrated by the experience. Many RV parks have pretty bad cell service. After all they’re often in really nice picturesque areas where nature, not technology, is the big draw. Still it’s nice to settle in for a little TV at night. Not everyone wants to put up a TV antenna and there’s a world of streaming possibilities out there.

RV cell boosters are great… but…

Solid Signal has a wide range of cell boosters for RVs and other vehicles. They range from simple, single-user boosters that install temporarily to serious models that cover the entire vehicle and require professional installation.

Unfortunately, the rules that cover mobile cell boosters mean that they can’t be as powerful as the ones for homes. FCC rules say that mobile boosters can only increase the signal by 50dB. Home and office boosters can increase it by 75dB. That means a home-based booster can be about 150 times stronger than a mobile one.

The rules are designed to make sure that your booster doesn’t interfere with a booster very close to you. On most highways and byways of this great nation, cars are a little closer together than single-family homes.

So, even if you’re parked, a mobile booster isn’t going to give you the kind of “oomph” you need when you want to get a really strong signal. Your Netflix may break up and your Sling may end up… slung.

Finally, there’s a solution.

Our friends at weBoost created a cell booster that’s as strong as a home-based one but designed specifically for RVs. They call it the Connect RV 65. The key is that it only works while you’re standing still. This is perfect for people who don’t stream while they’re driving, which should mean, everybody.

The booster’s outdoor antenna sits on a pole that extends high up when you’re parked. This gives you the best option for great cell service and allows this booster to deliver 65dB of boost. While it’s still not as high as the legal limit, that should be plenty for even the largest RV. It should allow you to stream smoothly in all but the most remote RV parks.

How it works

The booster is permanently installed in your RV or trailer. The inside parts stay permanently in one place. The outside mast is permanently installed but telescopes up and down with a foot to hold it in place.

I suppose someone really enterprising could wire this somehow so that it would work while driving. I can’t imagine it would work really well with the antenna in the “down” position and because it’s a directional antenna you’d need to aim it almost constantly. It’s better to just use it as it’s designed.

Not sure which booster you need?

Solid Signal has a free cellular booster recommendation service. Fill out a simple form and one of our technicians will get back to you with the best recommendation for you whether you’re at home, in an office, or in a vehicle! We have systems that work in small cars and other systems that work in multi-story buildings. Give us a try!

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