September is National Cookout Month

September is the perfect time for cookouts and BBQs. That’s why everyone here at Solid Signal has named it National Cookout Month.

My kids and I love to go to the pool at our condo association but Mother Nature doesn’t always work with us. We’ll get a lingering spring the first few weeks of June, while the rest of the month and July are scorchers. Even the first week of August is perfect swimming weather. But right around this time of the year, things start to cool down and we feel fall around the corner. That’s when Mother Nature gives us a sucker punch… right after Labor Day, when our condo pool closes for the year. This is when the temperatures reach into the 90s. While this sudden September heatwave is bad news for us swimmers and soakers, it’s a boon for cookout and BBQ enthusiasts.

Cookouts in September?
Of course! Everyone knows that May is National BBQ Month. Given the inevitable heatwave that’s headed our way, we’ve decided to dub September “National Cookout Month.” In honor of this newly-created holiday, we encourage everyone to fire up their grills and cook something delicious. Whether its BBQ ribs or chicken, or the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs, if you’re using your grill, you’re doing it right. (Personally, I love a piece of corn on the cob hot off the grill and slathered in butter. I just dive right in, not even bothering to use the corn holders my wife got last year.)

Solid Signal is Here to Help… As Always

While we want to encourage you to celebrate National Cookout Month and we also want to help you enjoy it. The best way for us to help you is by offering products that are essential to the grilling experience, and provide them with amazing prices. Check out all of our deals on the following grill essentials:

Are you a griller who’s always worried about whether or not there’s enough propane in the tank? If so, then the Mr. Bar.B.Q. propane gas level tank gauge is for you. This gauge lets you know how much precious propane is left in the tank. It also warns you when the gas is starting to get low, and when you need to replace the tank altogether. The gauge even has a built-in leak detection system for added protection.

National Cookout Month won’t kick off properly if your meats are under- or overcooked. To prevent this, we recommend the Oregon Scientific talking meat thermometer. Every backyard burgermeister and BBQ buff needs one of these. With settings for beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish, it takes the guesswork out of cooking. There are settings for how you want the meat done and a voice that tells you when to pull it off the grill.  It’s perfect for when you’re cooking and entertaining guests.

Bugs make bad cookout guests. To keep them from crashing the party, try the Thermacell mosquito repellant patio lantern. This amazing product provides 15 by 15 feet of protection. Look, the ’skeeters are out in September, and they’re after your blood. To keep these and other biting pests away, hang this lantern before you fire up the grill.

Happy National Cookout Month!

The September heatwave is coming. This means those who live in the “snow belt” get a few extra weeks to enjoy America’s favorite outdoor activity – cookouts. We hope you make the most of this extra time Mother Nature is likely to give you by taking part in National Cookout Month. And to make the most of the experience, check out our consumer electronics products designed with the perfect cookout in mind. Good luck on the grill!

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