Sportsman Channel free on DIRECTV now until May 19

Now here’s a free preview that makes sense.

DIRECTV has announced a free preview of the Sportsman Channel until May 19. You’ll find it on channel 605. And I think this is the perfect time for a free preview.

What is the Sportsman Channel?

Clearly, this is not one of those wimpy “lifestyle” channels where you don’t even know what you’re going to see. No, those channels have names like “FYI” and “Aspire.” No, this channel wears its mission right up front. It’s a channel for Sportsmen. I presume, all things being equal, that women are invited too, but this channel clearly has no problem skewing male.

If you hunt or fish, or just like being outdoors, you’ll love this channel. As I said this channel makes no apologies for the kinds of programs it provides. It’s for the people who love to be outdoors, and the things they love to do.

Between the last vestiges of winter and the statewide orders in place in most of the country, a lot of people are seeing the inside of their homes and nowhere else. That includes folks who would be heading out to the woods about now to enjoy their favorite pastimes. You may not be able to go bass fishing just yet, but at least you can enjoy television about it.

Why is this a perfect free preview?

Honestly I admit I didn’t even know this channel existed. I looked through our Blog and I’d obliquely mentioned it in an article from about four years ago, but that was probably just the result of research I did at the time.

Even if you have a casual love of the outdoors, you might not have known about this channel. It’s all the way up in the 600s and it’s not one of those channels you hear a lot about. At least I don’t. Even DIRECTV’s own advertising doesn’t say a lot about it. So it’s perfect for a free preview, because you may already have the channel and not even know it. If you do, you might just find something to watch once you’re finished bingeing every tiger documentary you can get your hands on.

How to get The Sportsman Channel when the preview is over

You’ll find the Sportsman Channel as part of DIRECTV’s XTRA package or higher. If you already have XTRA, you’ll continue to get the channel with no problems. If you don’t, you can easily upgrade your DIRECTV package online or by calling the reps at Solid Signal. The number is 866-726-4182 and our reps are currently working from home during East Coast business hours. If you’d prefer, fill out the form below and one of them will get back to you, usually within one business day.

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