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Streamers, HBO Max is bringing brings us some laughs when we all need them most!

Do you like comedy? And by comedy, I mean stand-up comedy specials? Admittedly, I haven’t always been the biggest fan. Most of my Streaming Saturday posts have given short shrift to comedy to focus on the dark movies and original series I prefer. Because of this, I feel like I’ve failed you, dear readers. Now is a time when we could ALL use a laugh. Thankfully, HBO Max has at least five stand-up comedy specials to keep us laughing during these trying times.

When I discuss original programming here, I like to include the trailers. The only time I don’t is when the content in the trailer is less than family friendly. We don’t want to offend anyone who’s not amused by adult-oriented humor. (We’re not that kind of blog.) As you can imagine, the trailers for these comedy specials utilize some colorful language, as only stand-up comedians can. If these shows sound interesting, you can always check out the trailers on YouTube.

What that said, let’s take a look at some of the comedy specials currently available on HBO Max:

1. Beth Stelling: Girl Daddy

Some people describe good comedy as “the art of talking about serious topics in a way that makes people laugh.” Beth Stelling rises to the challenge to deliver this 58-minute comedy special. (It’s a first for her.) In it, she has tough but funny conversations about being a woman in today’s world. Admittedly, watching this special will be my first exposure to Ms. Stelling, and I look forward to indulging in the laughs her routine will surely inspire.

2. Chelsea Handler: Evolution

While most comedians poke fun at the world around them, Chelsea Handler chose to look inside for her latest material. Evolution is one hour and eight minutes of the popular comedian discussing her experiences in therapy. She describes it as a personal journey toward becoming more self-aware, though it’s fair to say that she’ll share plenty of laughs along the way. It’s Chelsea Handler, after all, and she’s known for being funny.

3. Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show

This one promises to be as interesting as it is funny. Consider the premise: Colin Quinn joined by some of his fellow comedians for a stand-up special shot at a drive-in movie theater. Sounds like a night filled with laughter to me. The ever-so-funny Quinn is joined by Rachel Feinstein, Chris DiStefano, Keith Robinson, and other comics. If you check out the trailer, you might be pleased to learn that Quinn and his producers took all the safety precautions that are part of our lives these days.

4. Expecting Amy (1 Season, 3 Episodes)

Okay, this last one isn’t a stand-up special, per se. It’s a three-part documentary series that focuses on comedian Amy Schumer’s Growing stand-up special. As its title implies, Amy the documentary – and Amy’s comedy special – focus on her pregnancy. Some critics have used words such as “unfiltered” and “intimate” to describe Expecting Amy. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this documentary probably has plenty of funny moments as well. Anyone who’s seen Schumer’s stand-up routines and/or movies would expect nothing less.

5. Rose Matafeo: Horndog

Can comedy also be a learning experience? It can when Rose Matafeo is involved. She’s a comedian from New Zealand who’s based an entire 58-minute stand-up special on being single in her unique country. If you’re looking for a hilarious look into the world of dating in New Zealand, check this out. Frankly, the more fresh faces and voices we have in entertainment, the better we are for it!

HBO Max Has More to Offer

That goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. These five programs are just five comedy-related shows and series that have been available since January. HBO Max is releasing new content all the time, including a rich, diverse offering of original programming. We’re talking movies, documentaries, comedy specials, and series. A DIRECTV subscription is a great way to enjoy this programming. You can get DIRECTV in your home, business, boat, or RV from our Signal Connect division. Just call 888-233-2793.

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