DIRECTV NOW is officially a year old! While celebrating its birthday, we look at the accomplishments and future goals for this streaming service.

A year ago, DIRECTV launched its streaming-only service, DIRECTV NOW. At that time, many TV and streaming pundits considered the streaming-only service to be rather basic. Smart pundits saw the immense potential DIRECTV NOW promised. Since becoming part of the AT&T family of companies, DIRECTV NOW continues to evolve. Looking at its accomplishments, DIRECTV NOW has come a long way. It’s also obvious that it has a ways to go in order to become the ultimate streaming service.

Here are some of the latest additions and things (hopefully) to come to DIRECTV NOW:

New Local Affiliates
Live TV viewing is a big part of any streaming service. Many people want their local affiliates, after all. AT&T has responded with an aggressive campaign to acquire many ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates across the country. They corporation recently announced that it added many local affiliates to DIRECTV NOW’s live TV app, including:

  • Birmingham, AL (NBC)
  • Oklahoma City (CBS)
  • Tulsa (CBS)

This news gives TV lovers a reason to rejoice! DIRECTV NOW’s live TV app has nearly 200 local affiliates. This means there is at least one local channel for more than 75 percent of all American households.

Pop Now Available!
Do you like any of the shows aired on Pop TV? If you’re a fan of Big Brother After Dark, Hollywood Darlings, or Hot Date, you might be glad to know that the lifestyle channel is now available on DIRECTV NOW. You get Pop with all “Just Right” and higher level viewing packages. Pop TV is already listed in DIRECTV NOW’s channel guide.

Coming Soon…
As we’ve previously reported, AT&T is still perfecting its DVR function for DIRECTV NOW. Some electronics pundits believe that the company might miss is goal of a fall 2017 release. We certainly hope that roll this feature out soon. If not, it might cast doubts on the company other future plans, such as 4K support, an Android TV streaming player, and other new apps.

Still No Word on AT&T SportsNet
There has yet to be any official confirmation that AT&T SportsNet will be available on DIRECTV NOW. The sports network is one of the last channels of its kind that doesn’t offer some type of streaming option. AT&T recently updated its help page for SportsNet, which includes a mention of IPTV package subscription as needed (along with cable or satellite) to be able to access the content. Since AT&T owners SportsNet and DIRECTV NOW, speculation continues that the channel might someday become available on the streaming service. Admittedly, this is not much. For now, however, that’s all there is to report about AT&T SportsNet and DIRECTV NOW.

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