STREAMING SATURDAY: Orange is the New Black is Perfect for Streaming

Orange is the New Black is tailor made for streaming. Let’s take a look at what makes this Netflix original so popular with streamers.

By the time you read this, Orange is the New Black’s latest season will have debuted for more than 24 hours. If you’re like me, this means you’ve already seen most or all of the episodes of the hit show’s fifth season. The ability to binge watch an entire season of a popular show is just one of the reasons why OITNB is ideal for streamers. Who wants to wait to see what happens next? Not me! Here are some of the other reasons why Orange is ideal for anyone who loves to stream their favorite shows.

OITNB Has Great Content
Orange is the New Black is a fun, enjoyable show to follow. It’s one of Netflix’s biggest original series, after all! But what makes it so enjoyable? Well, I believe OITNB is a hit for a few reasons, which include:

  • It’s based upon a popular and successful novel.
  • The show clearly is well written and researched.
  • It features an ensemble cast of talented veteran and new actors.
  • It features a compelling storyline featuring many interesting characters.

When all of these positives are weaved together, you get the kind of engaging and entertaining TV series that you don’t always get on network TV. (Cue Stuart Sweet’s grumbling disapproval.)

OITNB is a “Super Series”
So what’s a “super series.” It’s original programming that gives viewers the best of both worlds – movies and TV series. Orange offers the brutal and vulgar realities of an R-rated movie coupled with a storyline that continues well beyond a two-hour timeframe. As a series, OITNB avoids the tired old tropes and “very special Blossoms” that still get played out on some network sitcoms and dramas. Unlike those TV shows, Orange won’t drag on long enough to jump the shark. There is a definite end date in sight… even if it’s only known to the show’s creators at the moment.

The Benefits of Streaming, Of Course
The most exciting aspect of streaming Orange is the New Black is that it’s available for streaming. I can watch the episodes all in a day, or plan each one around my daily schedule and activities. With season five of OITNB, there’s no waiting for next week’s episode, and there are no commercials. I can even go back and watch past seasons if I need to get caught up. Personally, I make no pretense about it – by the time you read this, Mrs. Buckler and I will be halfway through the new season if not more.

See You Next Week!
Orange is the New Black is perfect for streaming, but it’s not the only super series out there. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have plenty of exciting original series for streamers to enjoy, as does Hulu and some of the other streaming services. If you love streaming and binge watching these super series, you already have your favorites. For me, Orange is the New Black is on my list. Since season four ended on a ginormous cliffhanger, I can’t wait to see how this all gets resolved and what happens next. Until then, stream on you crazy streamers!

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