Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW Are Live TV Streaming Leaders

Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW lead the streaming service providers for live TV users, according to The Diffusion Group.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) studies the state of live TV streaming in the U.S.  In TDG’s recent report, Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW have a combined 66 percent of all live TV subscribers.  (Sling TV has 2.3 million users (43.40 percent), while DIRECTV NOW has 1.2 million subscribers (22.64 percent).  These numbers come from TDG’s recent study of live TV streaming during 2017.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the streaming service provider subscriber numbers provided by TDG:

Streaming Service Provider 2017 Subscriber Estimates in Millions Percentage
Sling TV 2.3 43.40
Playstation Vue 0.6 11.32
Hulu with Live TV App 0.45 8.49
YouTube TV 0.3 5.66
fuboTV .15 2.83
Philo 0.05 0.94
Other 0.25 4.72
Total 5.3 100

It’s no surprise that Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW are dominating the live TV streaming service scene.  While Hulu currently has the most local TV affiliates in its live TV app, DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV are close behind.  Having a huge amount of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates increases the number of people across the country who want these streaming services.  The eventual addition of DIRECTV NOW’s DVR app and other advancements is likely to attract even more viewers.  (No, we still don’t have any word on a rollout date.)

According to TDG’s study, there are 5.3 million TV streaming subscribers in the U.S.  This number is bound to get bigger based on an increase in streaming service providers, advancements in streaming services technology, and a growing interest in cutting the cord on cable TV.  As always, your loyal Solid Signal bloggers will keep you posted on the many updates from the many streaming service providers.

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