Tech-Approved Deal: DIRECTV Remotes and Zip Ties

I asked someone here what’s hot this week and they said, “Remote controls and zip ties.” While that sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, it was a legitimate answer. The person I spoke with was Earlene Burden, Solid Signal’s warehouse manager, and she was talking about two of our biggest sellers. Over the past few weeks, her warehouse team shipped out many DIRECTV remote controls as well as self-locking zip ties. Your first thought might be that replacement remotes and zip ties couldn’t be more different. If you think about it, it’s easy to see why both are so popular with our customers.

DIRECTV Remote Control Replacement

How many times has the average person lost or misplaced their remote control? These handy devices have a nasty habit of turning up in the strangest places. They can be found between couch cushions, buried inside an easy chair, and even sitting on the kitchen counter. (We’re still scratching our heads at this one.) It’s no different for people with DIRECTV satellite service in their homes.

Do you use any type of DIRECTV Genie receiver at home? If so, this IR/RF universal ergonomic remote control is a great thing to have. In its radio frequency, or RF mode, you can control your receiver and client through walls and cabinets. (For other DIRECTV receivers, this remote control works in standard infrared (IR) mode for line-of-sight control.) Your hands will love its comfortable, ergonomic design and many other great features.

Zip Ties Can Fix (Almost) Anything!

Some people say that zip ties are the “greatest thing since duct tape,” and we agree. These easy-to-use, eight-inch, nylon 66 zip ties can withstand up to 50 pounds of pressure. They lock tightly and hold fast and strong to ensure you get a camper or trip. These are sold in packs of 300 and there is one zip tie use for each one of them. People have used these black zip ties for wiring, cable, gardening, child proofing, home repairs, decorating, automotive, plumbing, and electrical, just to name a few.

If you need a lot of zip ties for a low price, this is your answer. Solid Signal sells these ties from Vericom in packs of 300. This should last you for a long time unless you’ve planned some huge project that requires you to daisy chain all of these zip ties at once. (Not for nothing, but you could actually do that with these products if you wanted/needed to.) Best of all, we offer these self-locking zip ties at a great price. Check it out!

Zip Ties and Remote Controls?

Is there a way to use these two items together? Perhaps. If you’re someone who tends to lose or misplace your remote control, we might have a solution. You could device a way to zip tie your DIRECTV remote to your couch, end table, or easy chair. Or you could use several zip ties to create some type of harness that holds your remote control. Unfortunately, we don’t have a blog post or white paper to help you do this; but, if you’re creative or inventive enough, you can pull it off. We won’t judge you, but we will wish you the best of luck!

Signal Distribution Keeps Things Going

If you’ve shopped Solid Signal before, then you’re familiar with this online electronics retailer. You know that we carry a huge variety of TV antennas, cell phone signal boosters, and many other products. What you might not know is getting the things you want to you is the responsibility of Signal Distribution. This division, based in our technologically advanced warehouse, handles the logistics of the entire company.

The Signal Distribution team is led by Earlene Burden, the tech who contributed to this story. She knows which products are hot because she and her team are the ones that take, process, and ship these orders. Her team’s dedication is the reason for your order’s accuracy and timely arrival. Whether it’s remote controls, zip ties, or anything else, the Signal Distribution crew makes it happen.

Need a DIRECTV Remote Control or Zip Ties?

Give Solid Signal a call. Before Earlene’s team can ship out your products, you have to place your order. To do that, you can talk to one of the many helpful techs in Solid Signal’s customer support department. (We have all kinds of techs around here!) Our customer service team can be reached at 888-233-7563. They’ll answer any questions you have and process your order. If you don’t have any questions, you can simply place your order right off our website. That way, the Signal Distribution team will ship it right out to you!

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