Tech-Approved Deal: Winegard Elite Antenna

The TV antenna is central to the cord-cutting experience. Get the right one and you’ll enjoy all or most of the free TV in your area. With the wrong antenna, you’ll wonder if it was really worth it to cut the cord. Trust us when we say that it is. You just need the right antenna. We spoke with a few of our techs who recommend TV antennas to newbie cord-cutters every day. When asked which TV antenna we should highlight in this week’s blog post, they didn’t hesitate when they said…

…“The Winegard Elite Outdoor HDTV Antenna”

Our techs reminded us that the Winegard Elite was added to our online inventory last year. They said we should make a bigger deal out of it, so we asked him why he would say that. One replied, “Because it’s a great antenna, especially for people who have to deal with homeowners association rules.” That was a good enough reason to write about it, but our techs did us one better. Another one said, “It also has a lot of great features built into it.” Well, when you’re right, your right, and our techs are right. So here goes.

The Perfect Compact, Long-Range TV Antenna

That description fits the Winegard Elite rather well. Our techs like this antenna because it comes with everything you need to get great reception. The first feature they mentioned was its built-in amplifier. What’s the benefit of that? It improves TV signal in installations that have cable runs over 100 feet, and/or use multiple splitters. In most installations, signal loss won’t be an issue for the Elite.

The techs pointed out the importance of this antenna’s built-in LTE filter. LTE signals are cellular signals, and these can disrupt a TV antenna’s reception. If you live near a cell phone tower and use an antenna without this feature, you will experience a lot of interference… unless you use this antenna. Those annoying LTE features will be filtered out before they can negatively affect your reception. Another plus for the Winegard Elite!

This antenna comes with one more thing to help you: a custom-made J-mount. This lets you attach the antenna atop your home, eaves, or just about anywhere else outside your home. This lets you receive those free TV signals. Keep in mind that most antenna mounts are sold separately. Winegard was kind enough to include this specialized J-mount with its Elite outdoor HDTV antenna. So, this antenna is loaded with useful features benefits, but it still begs the question…

…Will Your Homeowners Association Approve?

Well, you can put up any antenna that’s smaller than 39 inches (1 meter) in any dimension. This is called the Over-The-Air Reception Devices rule (OTARD), and the FCC passed it to help prevent abuse from HOAs and condo boards. There are even more rules regarding homeowners, renters, and those who share walls and/or roofs with neighbors. If you want to know more about TV antennas and OTARD, read my colleague Stuart Sweet’s blog post about OTARD.

Rest assured that the Winegard Elite falls within the OTARD rule. Just take a look at its dimensions. The antenna’s head measures 29.28” W x 26.24” H (with mount) x 12.1” D (with mount). This means that it’s small enough for most homes, condos, or townhouses, including yours. So, it’s clear that the Winegard Elite will clear most HOA requirements, there’s only one question that remains…

…Is the Winegard Elite the Antenna for You?

Calling Solid Signal is the best way to find out. Each one of our techs are an antenna expert. They’ll ask for your address, then enter it into our database. This is how they calculate how far you are from the transmitters in your TV market. They’ll also get a good idea of the terrain and other factors they need to make the right antenna recommendation. If you’re ready to cut the cord and want to know which antenna is best for you, give us a call at 888-233-7563. We’ll have you enjoying free TV in no time!

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Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.