Tech to Turn Your Backyard Into the Best Summer BBQ Spot

With the warmer weather summer, it’s the perfect time to have your family barbecues. Although, it’s not just all about hotdogs and hamburgers. You also want to have an outdoor space that keeps your guests entertained. Incorporating technology can be a great way to do this.

Here are six tech ideas to turn your backyard into the hottest summer barbeque spot.

1. CineBox Theater System

This inflatable screen and HD movie system can turn your backyard into its very own theater. Consider pairing it with the HD Digital Projector for a more immersive experience. You may also want to lay out cushions and blankets for more comfortable viewing.

You can even add rugs to make the space feel extra cozy. Try to find one made out of polypropylene, since the material is waterproof and mold- and stain-resistant.

Also, for a drive-in-style theme, let guests sit in their car. Watching a movie is a great way to keep guests entertained for a few hours. It’s also the perfect relaxing activity for those late-night barbecues.

2. Big Turtle Shell

To set the party mood, consider purchasing this waterproof speaker. The device can communicate with your phone from more than 30 feet away. This way, you don’t have to deal with any dangling cords. The speaker also has a longer battery life, so you can keep the party going for hours. Its waterproof housing also makes it perfect for barbecues around the pool.

Consider creating an upbeat playlist before the event. You may even want to ask some of your friends for music suggestions!

3.  ThermaCell Outdoor Lantern

When it gets dark, this product is perfect for illuminating your space. This way, your guests can stay and socialize as long as they want to. Also, the scent of the light helps keep bugs away. The color of the light can also make a difference. Consider using a yellow or orange light bulb to attract fewer pests.

Lanterns are also good decorations to add to your backyard. You can place them in the center of your tables or near your outdoor seating. You may even want to hang one on your back door.

4.  Infratech Outdoor Heaters

When the sun goes down, the air can become cooler. For your outdoor summer events that don’t start until the evening, this is the perfect device. It allows you to enjoy the fresh air longer before having to move the party inside.

It’s also more efficient and less noticeable than electric heaters. If you end up using electric heaters, ensure you have a metal device to enclose the electrical wires. Consider getting an aluminum or stainless steel enclosure, since these materials won’t rust. Also, you can use the heater in the winter for your holiday gatherings.

5. Brookstone USMB Umbrella

This one’s perfect for warmer summer days when you just need some shade. Along with protection from the sun, the umbrella also has a USB charging station. This way, your guests can stay connected to others while enjoying the party. With an accessible charging outlet, your friends don’t have to go inside or leave the event early.

The charging station is also solar-powered, making it more environmentally friendly. Another benefit of having a full battery is that you can play music or games on your devices.

6.  Robomow

Robomow allows you to maintain a well-kept lawn easily. You can control the mower through an app, making it more convenient. Since the mower runs on its own, you have more time to do other things. Consider using the extra time to set up for the barbeque!

The device even has a rain sensor so it can pick up on any inclement weather. This way, you can be prepared for the party ahead of time. Having a beautiful landscape can impress your guests.

Here are some other tips for maintaining your lawn to consider:

  • Know your irrigation needs
  • Fertilize in the spring or summer
  • Aerate your lawn
  • Overseed your grass
  • Lay sod

Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard Space

Summer is one of the best seasons for getting together with friends and family. The warmer weather is the perfect time to start planning your summer barbeques. Consider these tech ideas to successfully upgrade your backyard space!

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