The 4K Revolution is Coming, and Streaming is Leading It

As TV viewers, we hear a lot about 4K but see precious little of it on our screens. Well, that’s how it feels sometimes. The truth is, there is a lot of 4K TV programming available for anyone who enjoys gorging their senses on Amazon Prime and Netflix originals. This arrangement suits me just fine, but I know it’s not for everyone. There are many people who would like to watch their favorite network TV shows and sporting events in 4K. So, why isn’t 4K the national standard for streaming and live TV? Don’t worry… the revolution is coming!

What is 4K Resolution?

Before we discuss the coming 4K revolution, we need to talk about 4K resolution. Also known as 4K ultra HD or ultra HD, 4K is the highest resolution available. Nothing else comes close to the pictures and sound that 4K delivers. It’s so crisp, clear, and lifelike that it gives many people the impression that their TV is an open door to another world they can just walk right into. Do you want to know why it’s called 4K? Check out this detailed piece from my colleague, Stuart Sweet. He tells you all about it like only he can.

So, if 4K is the best there is, the question remains: Why aren’t more TV and streaming shows in 4K? Well, there is a lot more 4K programming available, but we’ll get into that later. Let’s focus on why more ultra HD programming isn’t available. I believe it’s because network TV, satellite TV, and the streaming services have to fully catch up. When they do, and I believe they’ll do it soon, I truly believe 4K will become the new norm… unless and even better resolution is possible.

TV Just Went High Definition

Okay, technically it didn’t just go HD. Terrestrial TV transitioned from analog to digital broadcasting on June 12, 2009. While the transition went fairly smoothly, it took a lot of outreach to make the public aware of what it all meant. It was more than just saying, “If you want to watch TV again, you need to get a HD TV before June 12, 2009.” People had to be educated about the switch, and a rebate plan was put in place to help make the changeover easy for everyone. Fortunately, all went well.

If we’re going to make another big switch, this time to 4K, people will have to know the when, where, why, what, and how. This should be fairly easy if the educational outreach from the switch to digital is used as a blueprint. This isn’t the issue, though. What’s holding up a nationwide 4K conversion is the fact that not every broadcaster is 4K ready. To put it simply, in order for you to see it in 4K, it has to be shot and produced in 4K. Until every major and minor network is able to do this, 4K programming will remain sporadic.

What Do We Want? A 4K World!

When is it coming? Probably in the near future. Look, there’s already a huge amount of 4K programming available these days. The list of 4K Netflix movies, series, and comedy specials is huge. You’ll also find a lot of 4K programming on Amazon Prime. Currently, DIRECTV’s 4K schedule focuses on live sporting and concert events, but its ultra HD offerings will only grow from there.

The satellite TV and streaming service providers will surely usher in the 4K revolution. They currently have plenty of this ultra HD programming available. There’s also no doubt they’re working to bring you even more. If this keeps up, there will come a time when most or all streaming and satellite TV is in 4K. This will force network TV to follow suit or get left behind. Don’t believe me? Even Stuart says a coming 4K tidal wave is possible.

You Should Get a 4K TV

You can’t enjoy any of this 4K programming greatness unless you have a 4K TV. Chances are good that you already have a TV that’s 4K capable. How can you be sure? In some cases, it might say so somewhere on your TV, itself. You can always check your owner’s manual, too. All of your TV set’s key features and benefits will be listed in that document. Don’t have yours? That’s okay. Just type your TV make and model into an internet search and read what comes up. If the TV set in your home is 4K capable, the manufacturer will tell you.

In addition to the 4K you can enjoy now, having an ultra HD TV also helps puts you ahead of the game. Are you familiar with the term “future-proofing?” It’s used a lot over here at the Solid Signal blog, mainly by good buddy Stuart. For the purposes of this post, future-proofing is the practice of purchasing advanced electronics products now so that you have them before they become the norm. Having a 4K TV now prepares you for the day when all the programming we watch and stream is in 4K.

DISH AirTV Player is 4K Ready

Once you have a 4K TV, you still need a streaming service that delivers 4K programming. Why not make the DISH AirTV Player that streaming service? Amazon Prime and Netflix have a huge variety of 4K programming, and you can get both on your AirTV Player. You also can get some or all of your local channels (with a TV antenna), and a wide variety of national channel all on one convenient menu. The AirTV Player also has DVR capabilities.

If you want to future-proof your home in anticipation of the coming 4K revolution, an AirTV Player is a great way to do it. Solid Signal is a DISH Authorized Dealer that specializes in company’s AirTV product line as well as TV antennas. If you have questions about this amazing streaming service, just give us our US-based product team a call at 877-312-4547. You’ll connect with a friendly, helpful person who will answer all your questions to help you make the best product choice.

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