The Entertainment Solution for Dads and Grads

What’s the one thing dads and grads have in common? They both enjoy watching their favorite TV shows and movies. Sure, they might not watch the same things, but that’s hardly a newsflash. Those high school graduations have already happened, and Father’s Day is a thing of the past until June 2021. That doesn’t mean the dads and grads in your life don’t deserve the ultimate TV solution. Well, our Signal Connect division has it, and we’re going to tell you all about it.

AT&T TV, gotW3, and Signal Connect

AT&T TV is the latest streaming service from the folks who bring us DIRECTV. Unlike satellite TV, AT&T TV has no dish, additional wiring, or installation issues. You just turn it on and stream your favorite local and national channels. You will need some form of internet service to run it, though. That’s where gotW3 comes in. These wireless routers transform cellular signal into Wi-Fi signal for high-speed internet. Get the device then choose a plan from AT&T or T-Mobile.

Where does Signal Connect come into all this? Well, our Signal Connect division is an AT&T Approved Dealer. Out Signal Connect reps have been providing the gotW3 wireless internet solution to customers since March 2020. When it comes to these two devices and services, they’ll answer all your questions and help you make an informed buying decision.

AT&T TV for Recent Graduates

Did your son or daughter recently graduate high school? If so, they might be leaving home for college or renting an apartment with friends. Either way, these youngsters will want to enjoy their favorite TV shows. They might not be able to get satellite TV where they live, and high costs keep cable TV out of reach. For them, AT&T TV and gotW3 are just what they’re looking for. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It’s streaming, and kids love streaming.
  2. Your tech-savvy grad probably already knows how to set it up.
  3. They get a huge variety of their favorite local and national channels.
  4. There’s no dish, additional wiring, or installation. (Their landlords will love that.)
  5. They can take AT&T TV/gotW3 with them if they move.
  6. The availability of up to 5,000 apps in the Google play store, including Netflix and YouTube.

Here’s another thing your grads will love: its DVR space. We’re talking about 500 hours of space, and all recordings are stored on the internet. This is a huge benefit to recent graduates. Look, we’re not saying they’re always running around. We’re just saying that if they do lead busy lives, AT&T TV’s DVR service is a great way to watch their favorite shows on their time.

AT&T TV for Dads

Dads will love the flexibility that AT&T TV/gotW3 gives them. They can watch their favorite local and national shows at home. They can just as easily set this system up in their RVs or boats. No satellite dishes, additional wires, or installations gives them that freedom. Literally, anywhere where you can get electricity, you can use this to watch your shows. (You still have to power the TV, AT&T TV box, and gotW3 router.) Here are some other things that Dad will enjoy:

  1. A huge variety of his favorite local and national channels.
  2. Netflix, YouTube and 5,000 others apps in the Google play store.
  3. Never miss a show with 500 hours of DVR space stored on the internet.

You know what Dad will really appreciate? AT&T TV’s easy-to-use remote and operating system. We’re not saying that all dads aren’t tech-savvy. (We wouldn’t dare!) All we’re saying is that every Dad who wants to unwind after a long day deserves an easy-to-use TV entertainment system.

Get AT&T TV and gotW3 from Signal Connect

Are you considering this investment for your dad or grad? If so, you want to work with the experts. To get your questions answers, give them a call at 866-726-4182. If you’re reading this after East Coast business hours, just fill out the form below and send it to Signal Connect. Someone will get back with you in one business day.

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