The (Possible) Troubles with Stranger Things Season 3

We already know that Netflix’s Stranger Things was cleared for a third season. We also know that season was delayed until summer 2019. When I heard that, I suggested that Netflix should release more teaser trailers between now and next summer just to give us fans something to sink our teeth into while we impatiently wait for summer. Well, that hasn’t happened to the extent that I prefer, Netflix has released a title teaser trailer that announces the names of season three’s episodes. While some of my colleagues might think the following will be “just another puff piece about Stranger Things,” it’s not. I see more problems with this latest announcement.

Before I take a deep dive into my Stranger Things season three theories, take a peek at its title trailer:

One Fewer Episode Than Season Two

When I gushed about Stranger Things season two title teaser, one of the things that had me excited was an extra episode. That’s right, the second season of my favorite show gave us nine episodes instead of the eight of the previous season. Well, season three returns to the eight-episode format. Is this disappointing? Of course it is. My first thought is that if Netflix and the Duffer brothers are going to make us wait, they could have at least made it worth it by having nine episodes. They’re the ones who created this expectation, after all.

The simplicity of most of these episode titles is another thing that irked me. The Mall Rats? The Source? The Birthday? Come on, Duffer brothers! You couldn’t have been a little more creative than that? In the parlance of our times, this is pretty basic. It’s almost as if the show’s creators are resting on their laurels and not even trying anymore. If that’s the case, it’s partially the fans’ fault (myself included) for loving this show as much as we do. It could have encouraged the Duffer brothers to believe they can do anything and we’ll lap it up like the starving hounds we are.

Does Eleven Die in Season Three?

No, that’s not a spoiler. First of all, how would I know? The third season hasn’t aired yet. I’m merely speculating about Eleven’s fate in season three after stumbling across this Hollyscoop video on YouTube:

Okay, is it just me, or does Millie Bobby Brown seem exceedingly sad about the ending of season three? Since I follow Stranger Things actors on Twitter, I know that these kids spend a lot of time with each other between seasons. Whether it’s photo shoots, interviews, and other celebrity appearances, the Stranger Things cast sees a lot of each other. Despite this, Millie is acting as if she’ll never see her castmates again… which could be the case if her character gets killed off in season three. I’m not saying it will happen, but I’m not saying that it couldn’t either. It’s a fan theory; take it for it’s worth.

Was Stuart Sweet Right All Along?

Last week, I turned the Streaming Saturday reins over to Stuart Sweet. He delivered a thought piece titled Netflix is Killing Itself, and to be honest, he might be right. While Stranger Things isn’t the only Netflix original series I enjoy, it has been the one I enjoy the most. That said, the bulk of my fanboy zeal was based on the show’s amazing, original, yet nostalgic first season. I had my issues with season two, namely the useless Chicago side story. I thought the Duffer brothers stretched viewers limits with that one.

There is a lot riding on Stranger Things season three, namely my viewership. Since the Duffer brothers and Netflix have already made us wait a little longer for this season, those eight episodes had better be worth it. Even as a fan, I can acknowledge when my favorite shows jump the shark. If Stranger Things season three fails to deliver, and I mean in a big way, then I’ll have to let it go. There are so many other great shows that Mrs. Buckler and I have been enjoying, such 1983, Ray Donovan, Escape at Dannemora, and Dirty John. Did anyone reading this notice that only one of those shows is a Netflix series?

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