The Ultimate USB Charging Station!

This amazing eight-port USB charging station means no more fighting over chargers or outlets!

What would you do without this Tech Choice eight-port USB charging station? Chances are, you’re probably fighting with family members over who gets the charger and when. Or, you’ve bought a charger for each device in your house. All that succeeded in doing is making people fight over the outlets. It’s also created a “spaghetti drill” of tangled wires around each outlet. Considering all of that aggravation, maybe it’s time you get this unique USB charging station carried by Solid Signal.

It’s an 8-port USB Charging Station!

That’s right! This device has a whopping total of eight ports to charge your family’s phones and other devices. You might not be able to plug your specific device into any port on it, though. Tech Choice made sure that its USB charging station has different types of ports for different devices. That’s what makes it a charger for your entire family. When it comes to specific charging ports, this charger features:

  • Four standard USB ports,
  • One fast-charging USB port,
  • And three USB-C ports.

A quick word about that one, fast-charging USB port. It’s a Qualcom 3.0 port that’s twice as fast as most quick charges on the market! If you have a device that’s can use this port, you’ll appreciate how fast this USB charging station will get it “juiced.”

The Charger with a Digital Display

You can almost call it a “smart charger” thanks to this feature. The blue digital display helps you track what’s going on with this charger. It displays these numbers in a bright, blue digital color that’s easy to read, day or night. But what can you read? Well, this USB charging stations shows you:

  • Time,
  • Voltage current,
  • And ports being used.

You have to admit that’s more advanced than any charger you’ll find at your local gas station!

Use This USB Charging Station at Work

I know I’ve really pushed this device as the “ultimate family charger,” but you can bring it to the office, too. (If you’re still working at the office, that is.) I know what you’re going to say. “But everybody brings their own charger to work.” Maybe, but not every day. I know this firsthand.

I’ll never forget the day I forgot to bring my charger to work. My phone was dying, so I politely asked a coworker if I could borrow her charger for an hour, but my request was rebuffed. Don’t be that coworker. Bring this eight-port USB charging station with you and be the hero of the day for anyone who needs it.

Still don’t believe me? Here’s a video review:

Want This USB Charging Station?

We have plenty of these eight-port USB charging stations in our online inventory. Ordering from our website is the easiest way to get one for your home or office. You might have a few more questions about it, though. In that case, it’s best to give us a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. Someone from our US-based offices will reach out to answer your questions about this Tech Choice eight-port USB charging station.

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