More trouble for 4K: Millennials would rather watch a tiny screen

In another sure sign that we’ll never understand the younger generation, it turns out that the youngest of the young (ages 14-24) are not just walking away from the living room TV, they’re running away from it. No need to bother with that big screen, they’re overwhelmingly happier using a mobile device instead.

Engadget quotes a study (that we can’t afford to buy) saying that 56% of folks agest 14-24 would rather watch content on almost anything but a TV. Gaming consoles, PCs, tablets, smartphones… anything but that living room TV is fair game. It’s a stark comparison to their grandparents, 92% of whom watch TV… on the TV. Take a look:

While we’ve been concentrating on improving picture size and quality for the last 30 years, it turns out… that our kids just don’t care. They’re far more interested in the personal experience of watching than the overall quality, which bodes poorly for those who’ve invested in giant 4K televisions.

None of this is a surprise to any parent of a teenager, though; they’re happiest consuming media on their schedule, privately. It’s not the communal experience it was for older generations. That may change as they move closer toward marriage and family, of course.

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