Turn Your RV Park into an RV Resort

Hey, campground managers! To attract more guests who stay longer and come back, your RV park needs to become an RV resort.

What does the word “resort” mean to you? You probably thought of a five-star, luxury accommodation with a full-service day spa. While that’s great for five-star hotels on the Vegas strip, it’s not practical for an RV park. You can still make your campground a resort without adding the massage and manicures. You just have to add two amenities that your guests already want. If you don’t know what these are, we share the information with you and other RV park managers!

As a campground manager, we know you’re busy. If you don’t have time to read this whole post, we’ll cut to the chase with this video:

That was an informative video, but it only scratches the surface on the very important topic of…

…Wi-Fi for RV Parks

If you don’t have it, you want it because your guests demand it. Difficulties with availability and reliability kept you from getting it in the past. Not anymore! Thanks to our Signal Connect division, RV parks and campgrounds can enjoy Wi-Fi thanks to AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI), brought to you by ACC Business, a division of AT&T.

Signal Connect is an AT&T preferred dealer. That means we can offer this high-speed service to just about every RV park in the country. When you get an RV park Wi-Fi system from Signal Connect, you also get our commitment to customer service. We offer free tech support and account management services to our clients. If you have an issue, give your Signal Connect rep a call. He or she will take care of everything, including calling ACC Business.

When you add Wi-Fi to your RV park, you’ll upgrade to an RV resort. This service allows guests to stay connected at work if they want to. It also lets people enjoy everything they like when they’re using the internet at home. Are you an RV park manager who’s been wanting Wi-Fi at your park for a while? Then we highly suggest you call Signal Connect right now. Their number is 866-726-4182.

DIRECTV for RV Parks

Satellite TV is a premier service, and DIRECTV is a premier satellite TV provider. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that any RV park offering this service should be considered a resort. Signal Connect is a national DIRECTV dealer that specializes in large-scale commercial installations. That’s exactly what a campground like yours is!

Have you worked as an RV park manager for a while? Then you might remember the problems of offering satellite TV in the past. You had to pass out a satellite receiver and other equipment to every guest. When they were done, you had to collect that gear before the guests left. It was common for people to forget to return these receivers, and RV park employees forgetting to collect them. But that was then, and this is now!

The days of passing out and collecting receivers are done, thanks to Signal Connect. Our commercial installations use a headend system. This delivers DIRECTV to every pedestal in your campground. Your guests just connect a cable to the satellite TV input on their vehicle. This simple action gives them access to all of that diverse DIRECTV programming. Are you an RV park manager who wants DIRECTV? Call Signal Connect at 866-726-4182.

Why RV Park Managers Should Work with Signal Connect

Because you want an RV resort because resorts attract more guests. Internet and DIRECTV are two advantages you could have over the competition. And when you work with us, you’re working with the best. From hardware to programming packages and activation, our reps are with you all the way. If you want to learn more but you’re reading this after business hours, just fill out the form below. After you send it to us, someone from Signal Connect will be in touch.

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