Ultra HD 4K Reverse Band 3 LNB now available at Solid Signal!

This is the one you want.

With 4K here as of today, DIRECTV is now making available the new 4K LNB that will be required for future broadcasts. You don’t need this one today (luckily) because you’ll find Masters coverage on channel 106 using the equipment you already have (assuming that includes an HR54 DVR and a C61K client or DIRECTV 4K-Ready smart TV.)

4K isn’t going to stay limited to just a handful of channels, and DIRECTV has two whole satellites ready to serve the massive needs of 4K when content providers start sending it up. That’s right folks, DIRECTV is ready to go but there’s just no stuff to put out there.

In order to get all that Ultra HD goodness, you’re going to need a new LNB, the front part of the dish. You probably won’t need to replace the whole dish, just the front part, and installation is easy. Just unscrew the old, screw in the new, and reboot your receivers. But of course, you’ll need the LNB. That’s where we have you covered… finally.

The new DIRECTV Reverse Band 3 LNB is finally at Solid Signal, but they’re in short supply so the best thing to do is to order now. We are working hard to get our supply lines set, but for now if you want to be the first one on your block you should order today before stocks run out.

This LNB is a replacement for the Slimline-3 LNB and won’t let you get the 119 satellite. If you need channels from that satellite you’re better off waiting for the Reverse Band 5 LNB which is expected later this year. I’ll be posting exclusive pictures from the DIRECTV Revolution dealer expo so you can see what it looks like, but don’t expect to have one in hands until the fall.

What are you waiting for? Go order one before we run out!

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