When it Comes to Streaming, Don’t Dare Me!

Stuart Sweet: “I dare you to find three Netflix originals you’d like to see, but they have to premiere in the same week this month.”

Me: “Hold my Dr. Pepper Zero.”

Okay. Now you know the concept of this week’s Streaming Saturday post. Sneaky Stuart thinks he has me this time, but I’ll outfox the fox. There are plenty of potentially positive programs to pick this month. And when I do, I’ll tell Stuart to “stick that in your pipe and smoke it!” (I still enjoy using that phrase.) Since you’ll probably be reading this post on Saturday, July 24, 2021, I’ve chosen this week as my window. Let’s get to it!

Sexy Beasts (July 21)

“I’m in the weird part of Netflix again.” That’s what I thought when I saw the thumbnail for this trailer. After watching it, I see that Sexy Beasts has a cool concept. It asks the age-old question: When it comes to compatibility, are looks or personality more important? This series tries to answer this question by having contestants wear heavy makeup and prosthetics to make them look like animals. The couples go on dates in these disguises and (presumably) fall for each other. But what happens when the masks come off?

Check out the Sexy Beasts trailer and tell me you’re not curious:

Still Working 9 to 5 (July 22)

Remember the movie 9 to 5 that came out in 1980? I do. I was 10 years old when my parents dragged me to it. I was too young to appreciate it at that time. (To my young mind, it was just another screwball comedy.) This Netflix original documentary takes a closer look at the film and the impact it had on feminism and women in the working world. This documentary unpacks this film, its impact, and the issues women still face in the workforce. It will be powerful to watch it with adult eyes and a better understanding of these issues.

There was no official Netflix trailer on YouTube, but there is this powerful sneak peak:

Blood Red Sky (July 23)

What happens when you combine the films Executive Decision, Dracula, and Panic Room? You might get Blood Red Sky. The plot is simple: mother protects her child from ruthless killers. Things get complicated when the action takes place on a jet… and Mom is a vampire. My streaming life isn’t all about thought-provoking foreign films and documentaries. Sometimes I need a little mindless fun. Blood Red Sky can fill that niche… even if the scenes of the flying jet are obviously bad CGI.

Remember the source movies I mentioned? Check out the Blood Red Sky trailer and tell me I’m wrong:

[Editor’s note: This trailer’s a little violent. Skip it if you get queasy at this sort of thing.]

Stuart: Stick That in Your Pipe & Smoke It!

You asked and I delivered. Admittedly, I under-delivered, considering ALL the great content available on Netflix this month. I just couldn’t write about ALL the ones that look exciting. Take Too Hot to Handle: Brazil, for example. We’re NOT that kind of blog! The truth is, there are SO many original series, documentaries, and movies this month. It’s actually starting to look like the old Netflix – the one I know and love – is back!

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