Winter Upgrades for RV Owners

I discovered that Stuart Sweet plans to write a blog about winter upgrades for recreational vehicles. When I heard this, my first thought was what does he know about upgrading an RV for the winter? The guy lives in sunny California and has probably never driven an RV in his life. I, on the other, am a lifelong Michigan resident. I also used to own an RV until I had to sell it and split the earnings with my ex-wife. If anyone should be writing about winterizing an RV, it should be me. That gave birth to the idea of getting out ahead of Mr. Sweet with this posting, which is sure to have more information than anything he’ll write.

Back When I Lived the RV Life…

… I thought about using it to camp throughout the winter. I was inspired by something someone said on an RV forum I belong to. He said, “Winter camping is the best. Think about waking up in your camper to snow falling all around you.” Something about those words spoke to my inner Ernest Hemingway. I blissfully imagined myself writing the next great American novel while nuzzled up inside my warm RV. This vision of camping in Michigan’s winter wonderland seemed so appealing that actually looked into what I’d need to make it happen.

Here are just some of the things owners must do to upgrade their campers before the first snows fall:

  1. Covers for windows, door, and stairwell. Whether you want to hang blankets, bubble wrap, or a variety of other solutions, this is usually the first step RV owners take if they want to enjoy their hobby during the winter.
  2. RV Skirting: Most RVs are made to properly deal with extreme cold. To help offset this, smart RV owners get skirting to put around their vehicle. It’s also recommended you pack snow around the outside of the skirting, turning the outside of your RV into a sort of igloo. When temperatures really drop, RV experts recommend running a propane heater inside the skirting to prevent freezing.
  3. Insulation for Exposed Pipes: From heated water hoses to a variety of hose insulation options, this is something you must do if you want to avoid frozen sewer hoses and pipes in the dead of winter. If you’re going to purchase a heated water hose, make sure to get a top quality one that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Using a PVC pipe for your sewer line tends to operate better than standard RV drain hoses in freezing temperatures. Many camper owners wrap their sewer pipes with additional insulation. Research all your options before you decide.
  4. RV Tire Chains: These might get you out of a jam if you experience a heavy snowfall. In fact, some states require you carry chains in order to drive many mountain passes.
  5. Diesel Fuel Additive: Some truck stops sell winterized diesel fuel and some don’t. The last thing you want to do is rely on fuel stations that you’ve never been to. Always carry a couple jugs of diesel additive just in case. This liquid isn’t very expensive and can easily be stored in your recreational vehicle. Don’t get caught in the cold without it!
  6. Space Heater in the Bay: If you want to go camping in the winter, you must keep your black, grey, and freshwater tanks warm. You also need to keep your sewer connections, water pump, and water filer warm. One of the best ways to do this is to run a space heater in your main bay when the temperatures drop to freezing and below.

Okay, I could go on and on about all the “winter upgrades” your RV needs, but I think you get the point. There are so many things that the average RV owner needs to buy if he or she wants to camp during the winter. My RV forum friend’s suggestion of waking up with snow falling sounded good in theory. In reality, the upgrades were just too many and too expensive for me to pursue. At the end of the day, storing my RV for the winter was the smarter move.

The “Winter Upgrades” Stuart is Talking About

Okay, I have to admit something here. I might have snuck into Stuart’s file folder to find out what he’s writing about. As I expected, he makes absolutely no mention of the various winter RV upgrades mentioned above. He uses his space on this blog to talk about a completely different set of upgrades for your RV, motorhome, or camper. This will surely upset Stuart, but I’m, going to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and give you this sneak peek of his future talking points:

  1. Winegard mobile satellite dish: These satellite dishes mount atop your RV and bring you all your favorite DIRECTV or DISH programming once you arrive at your destination.
  2. DISH AirTV OTA TV streamer: If you don’t want a satellite dish on your RV, an is another great entertainment solution. You set this device up at home and connect it to a TV antenna. It allows you to wirelessly broadcast all your local TV channels to TV set or device inside your RV. Imagine getting all your favorite local channels everywhere you travel!
  3. weBoost Drive 4G-X RV cell booster: Some of the places RV owners go have spotty cell phone service at best. If you find yourself in an emergency, or just want to check in with your grandkids, this cell phone booster will help you do that. This cellphone signal booster improves calls, texts, and data downloads, so there are entertainment options with this, as well.
  4. AT&T unlimited data plan: This lets you call, text, and stream as much as you want for one fixed price. This makes one of these plans the ideal thing for any RV owner who uses their vehicle all year.

Your RV Dealer Can Only Go So Far

If you want to winterize your recreational vehicle, your RV dealer is the best place to go. They can help you with RV skirting, insulated water hoses, and everything else I mentioned above. If you want DIRECTV, AirTV, signal boosters, and AT&T wireless plans, your local RV dealer can’t give you the help you need. For these upgrades, you need an expert that specializes in these products and services, and offers friendly and meaningful customer service.

Solid Signal is an AT&T Preferred Dealer and DISH Authorized Dealer. This means our US-based team of product experts will answer your questions and offer you the best recommendations. It’s the best customer service from any online electronics retailer, and it’s all yours when you dial 877.312.4547. Give us a call to get your recreational vehicle tricked out with the best entertainment options.

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