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DIRECTV for RVs. DIRECTV activation. Internet and Wi-Fi for RV parks. Whatever you need, John Zubalik is the man who makes it happen in Michigan!

Our Signal Connect division has a strong online presence. Because of this, we do business with people all across the country. Some people aren’t aware that we’re a Michigan-based company with a Michigan-based RV expert. That expert is John Zubalik, of course. He’s proud to serve everyone in our state’s thriving RV community. This includes RVers as well as RV park managers and RV dealers. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably a fellow Michigander. Let’s take a closer look at how John can help you.

RV Owners in Michigan

You know you want DIRECTV in your RV. Just think of it. You and your loved ones are camped for the night, far away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. While the steady thrum of crickets outside is comforting, it’s far from entertaining. With DIRECTV in your RV, you’ll truly get all your favorite shows wherever you go. And John makes it easy for you to get this in your camper or motorhome. Tell them about it, John.

“When you work with me, I take care of everything,” John explained. “I’ll help you choose the best viewing package and DIRECTV equipment.” He’ll also arrange for installation in your RV by contacting a local installer to do the job. When that’s done, John will activate your DIRECTV account for you. “It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes,” he added. “And I’ll continue to offer free tech support for the life of your account!” For DIRECTV in your RV, call John at 248-277-4004.

Michigan RV Dealers and Service Techs

We’ll let John explain how he helps you. “When it comes to DIRECTV installations, what’s the one thing that annoys your service techs the most? I’ll bet you said, ‘DIRECTV activations.’” John partners with RV dealerships across the state. His mission: to keep your techs off the phone and on the job. “When you need a DIRECTV account activated, just call me,” he said. “I’ll get it done in about 15 minutes and it won’t cost you a dime!”

Be honest, RV dealers. This is the kind of partnership you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll save tons of time and money, and it won’t cost you anything. Best of all, John will handle the most frustrating part of your techs’ day – DIRECTV activation. Are you ready to get things started? Just pick up the phone call John at 248-277-4004.

RV Park Managers in “The Mitten”

We want you to work with John Zubalik. What’s in it for you? More revenue. John can bring DIRECTV and high-speed internet to your campground. This makes for happy guests, and happy guests are return guests. “These days, RVers want TV and internet wherever they go,” John said. “Let me help you keep RV owners and their families at YOUR campground instead of them going somewhere else.” To keep things running smoothly, John offers free tech support and account management.

John can bring a single DIRECTV satellite and headend system to your park. This distributes satellite TV service to every lot. He explained, “Your guests won’t need a dish to get it. They just connect a cord to a port on the outside of their camper.” And when it comes to high-speed internet, John delivers the best service to your offer and every trailer in the campground. “If you have questions, give me a call at 248-277-4004,” he added.

“Customer Service is My No. 1 Priority”

That’s John’s motto and his promise to all his clients. “Helping Michigan’s RV community is my specialty AND my passion,” John commented. I care about everyone I work with, so the friendly customer service just comes naturally.” John has already helped many people in Michigan’s RV community. He can help you, too. Just fill out the form below and send it to him. He’ll reach out to set up a time to talk.

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