30 Days With the zBoost YX545, Part 5: Conclusion

It’s been 30 days, and it’s time to end our series on the zBoost YX545. I’ll admit I came into this not really knowing what would happen. I had seen a lot of commercials for cell boosters and they never worked. I knew the problem… bad cell reception right where I needed it to be good. My friends at Solid Signal told me on day one that this was the answer. I decided to take a chance.

Final installation was relatively simple, actually. I decided not to go into the attic at all. I went in through an existing hole in the exterior wall instead. Some zip ties and cable clamps held the wire up.

I mounted the supplied bracket on the eave molding, about ten feet up. I could have gone a little further but I wanted some extra cable for the run. I wasn’t sure where I would put the base unit.

After much experimentation I put the base unit about 5 feet away from my desk. I wanted to hide it a little bit but every attempt I made to hide it just limited the final cell reception. It has to look ok but it also has to work right.

For the moment the base unit is sitting on one of my equipment shelves where it gets a clear line of sight out to the rest of the room. I still want to wall mount it but unfortunately the back is not really suited for it. I might get a small shelf for it or build a custom bracket. If I do, I’ll share my pictures with all of you.

This has been a lot of fun. Installation was easy and if I knew that I was going to have such great results, I would have just mounted it on day 1. But, it was a good story to tell and in the end I’m glad I did it this way. I know that I can recommend the YX545 to friends and that it’s going to work great for them. I know that Wi-Ex has started selling the YX545 Extreme, with even more range. I get great coverage now with the YX545 but if I had a bigger house I would definitely consider it.

I guess pictures speak louder than words so I’ll end this article, and this series, with the one picture which makes it all worthwhile. I took this screen capture in the corner of the room where I used to drop calls all the time….

Well done.

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