Why would you use a cell booster in your RV?

This has been an incredible year for RV’s. Chances are, you fall into one of two categories. You either have an RV or you wish you did. RVs have become our gateway to the world outside our homes, and it’s never been more desirable than it is now to get away and travel throughout the country. An RV is your personal castle, your hotel, your restaurant, and your safe haven when you’re out visiting… literally anywhere else but the house you’ve been cooped up in for the last six months.

Getting away doesn’t mean going off grid

In the past, time away from the house was called “getting away from it all.” You might, if you’re old enough, remember this little ditty:

But back then, a vacation was a vacation. It was impossible to take work, or your home life, with you. You were, gone gone. At least until you came back. But let’s be honest, life doesn’t work that way anymore.

Today, you want to be connected. You want to stream, post, comment, and read. You want to text, email, DM, and most of all you want everyone else to know what a fabulous time you’re having. It’s part of life today.

And so, when you’re out there in that RV, you’re going to want great cell service.

There’s only one problem

You know those places you get away to? Those places in the middle of nowhere? Well, they’re in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes that means they’re so far away from anything that there’s poor cell service. This means you’re deprived of the joy of immediately posting that photo showing how much fun you’re having.

And, of course, there’s the small matter of being in the middle of nowhere if something breaks down. Being unable to call for help when you need it is kind of a drag.

Problem, meet solution

A vehicle cellular signal booster takes weak signals from outside and amplifies them so everyone in the RV can enjoy them. The right booster system can blanket your RV with strong signals so everyone can stream or post to their heart’s content. Except you of course, driver, you keep your eyes on the road!

A solution like the Drive X RV from weBoost gives you exactly what you need. The antenna is designed to mount easily to the outside of your RV and the tiny indoor antenna takes up hardly any space. That’s important when you’re talking about an RV, where multiple people are trying to live at the same time.

It’s easy to self-install, and can also be professionally designed if you want. With this one upgrade, you’ll be adding tons of enjoyment to your life on the road.

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