Exclusive Unboxing Video: Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR

This might be the streaming box for you! Android TV is the fastest growing streaming platform and Channel Master is coming on strong with a new Android TV box that’s worth taking a look at.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is a platform like Apple TV, but for Android. It will run many Android phone apps, and it’s very easy to set up if you have an Android phone. You get instant access to photos and music you have stored on your Google account. Unlike Apple TV you can even connect a keyboard and mouse to an Android TV device and use it like a living room computer if you’re so inclined.

What’s so special about this device?

This device has a dual-tuner OTA receiver built into its tiny body. Connect a flash drive or USB hard drive, and it converts into a DVR. You get a full guide (at no extra charge) and the ability to pause live TV.

How to get the Stream+ OTA DVR

We’re taking pre-orders right now at Solid Signal.com.


I’ll be publishing a full video review of the Stream+ and its setup experience in the coming days. Until then, enjoy the unboxing experience.

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