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You’d be forgiven for thinking that creating a small-area cell booster was hard. You might even think it’s one of the harder things in the world. At least that’s what you’d learn based on the last six years. weBoost and SureCall have competed to try to conquer the small space and the result has been several generations of devices that didn’t quite light the world on fire. Before we look at the latest effort from weBoost, here’s a little history.

Start with the one that (sorta) did it right

A decade ago, this YX545 cell booster, then sold by a company called Wi-Ex, gave 45dB of boost for people with small homes or who just needed better cell signal in one room. It was inexpensive and popular. Unfortunately what it wasn’t, was very durable. I enjoyed having one for a few years but it didn’t support LTE and eventually it stopped working as well as it did when new.

The 45dB boost from this unit wasn’t very strong, even when it was new. That’s the recommended boost for a vehicle, and it was trying to provide service to a whole home.

Wilson Electronics, the parent company of weBoost, bought Wi-Ex and discontinued this booster a few years back.

The modern descendant

This is the weBoost Home Studio.  It’s the spiritual successor to that old cell booster. Of course, it’s 2021 now so this booster does a few more tricks than its grandparent. First of all its 65dB boost is 100 times more than the old booster, and that means better coverage. It also boosts all five major voice and data bands, three more than the older booster.

The Home Studio is really tiny, too. It uses an antenna very similar to that of the old Wi-Ex product so you can see that the booster part is much smaller.

What’s in the box

Even though I’ve been doing unboxings as part of the “main” review lately I decided to do a deep-dive unboxing video this time.

I don’t want to ruin the suspense but this was a lot of fun to unbox, more so than most of the products I look at. It was sort of an advent calendar of cell booster parts. That will make more sense when you watch the video.

In a future video and review, I’ll be doing a test installation of this cellular signal booster and reporting on real-world testing, just the same way you would use in in your home.

The weBoost Home Studio is designed for people who have reasonable cell service outside and who need better cell service indoors for 1-2 rooms. It’s available now at Solid Signal. If you’re looking for a more powerful system for home or office, or a system for your car, RV, or boat, shop the great selection at Solid Signal! Our helpful staff can aid you in picking out the booster you need. Just give us a call at 877-312-4547 or fill out the form below. You’ll have great signal at home before you know it.

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