You’ll get a solid signal with these signal meters!

Solid Signal continues building its exclusive product line with our refreshed line of signal meters and spectrum analyzers. You won’t believe the quality and value you’ll get from these professional-quality meters.

We raved about the SATLOOKLITE when we first started carrying it from another vendor. It’s simple, fast, powers a SWM dish and is super durable. Now that Solid Signal is carrying the same meter under our own brand, it’s a much better value at a price drop of almost 35%! This is the meter that RV-bound satellite users have been dreaming of. Set up your dish faster with a meter that won’t break the bank!


Joining the SATLOOKLITE, the DIGIAIR-PRO-ATSC is a perfect installation tool for antenna fans, whether you’re on the go or just aligning your own antenna at home. Inexpensive signal meters won’t tell you much, and if you’re aligning an antenna you often are forced to rely on the TV for measurements. Worry no more, because the DIGIAIR-PRO meter is here to help. Get the same high-quality advanced signal measurements that you would expect from a satellite meter, except tuned to ATSC frequencies and designed especially for the US market. Check out the durable rubber boot, perfect for shielding it from a drop from the roof!


Once you installers get hold of our new meters, you won’t want to let go. That’s why we have a new line designed to round out your collection. the DIGIAIR-PRO-CATV gives you the power to check and diagnose problems with QAM installations. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an analog or digital signal, this meter will give you the whole story. It’s the right choice for CATV installers or anyone operating a QAM headend.


Serious satellite enthusiasts will appreciate these next two meters. The SATLOOK-COLOR gives you all you need for aligning a free-to-air dish properly with every signal test tool you could imagine on a nice, large color screen. But is that enough?


This is the ultimate spectrum analyzer, at a price thousands less than the competition. FTA satellite, DVB broadcasts, this baby handles them all. This is your one-stop spectrum analysis solution, the thing your test bench has been craving.

Check out our full line of Solid Signal brand meters by clicking on a picture above!

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