4 Forms of Artificial Intelligence You Use Every Day

One of the most popular topics in technology is currently Artificial Intelligence. We continuously hear about its rapid development and how it will “take over the world” one day. Whether we like it or not, it is and will continue to be, an integral part of our lives.

Many of us don’t even realize that we use it every single day. It has gradually snuck its way into everything we do without us noticing. It even influences the decisions we make. Below are a few of many ways that we make use of AI on a daily basis.


When we land on a website, we are frequently greeted by a friendly conversation bot, otherwise known as a chatbot. Customer service bots ask if we need help finding a product or if we want to talk to a salesperson. Because they are often associated with pre-written questions and answers, we are sometimes hesitant to interact with these chatbots. We assume that they are only able to answer the most basic inquiries. But many bots now use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to craft their own responses to questions.

Many of our favorite personal assistants evolved from basic chatbots. They are known as voice bots and perform the same function as a chatbot by using NLP and ML to translate what we say into something they can understand. So, any time we ask a question to our favorite personal assistant, we are using AI. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are typical examples of voice bots that we use all the time. They search for relevant information and deliver answers based on what they find. They do the same work as a human by performing a search. They scour the results to find information relevant to a given question.

Commercial Flights

The autopilot function isn’t something particularly new to us. What most people don’t realize is how often it is used. Commercial pilots have reported that they manually control a regular flight for only seven minutes on average. That’s not to say that pilots are lazy or don’t know how to do their jobs. The pilot is still extremely important and plays a critical role in a safe flight.

AI has advanced in such a way that it can perform functions, such as flying aircraft, almost as well as a human. It allows for airline pilots to supervise the course of a flight. They can focus their primary efforts on getting off the ground and landing safely.

Ride Sharing

Uber and Lyft are the most prominent ride-sharing apps today. When we use either of them to find a ride, AI is hard at work. The apps rely on artificial intelligence to search for drivers that are nearby, estimate arrival times and track the price of a ride. AI helps drivers be more efficient when multiple passengers share a trip. It avoids wasting time on long paths and detours by searching for users who are looking for a ride on similar routes.

Ride-sharing efficiency is especially helpful in high-traffic areas and during busy times like rush hour. These apps have recently begun using AI to forecast the demand for rides during certain times of day, holidays, and even events in specific locations. It helps them to match the need for transportation and ensures that customers will be able to get a ride any day, any time—no matter what.

Social Media

We often hear about the “algorithms” used by Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Most of us have accepted that this controls what shows up in our searches and social media feeds. Various algorithms are the power behind artificial intelligence.

The reason that we see so much of the same thing on social media is due to AI. It gathers and analyzes data based on our actions within each platform. Based on what we do, artificial intelligence shows us content that it thinks we will enjoy.

AI is Everywhere

These are only a few examples of the countless ways we turn to artificial intelligence each day. As technology continues to develop, we will likely see increased use of AI in the future. Self-driving cars, medical instruments, facial recognition, and even smart homes are developing quickly. Be on the lookout for how you use AI in your daily routine!