5 Reasons to Get a Smart Speaker (If You Don’t Have One Already)

Smart speakers are powerful and capable. They’re a growing trend among households because they provide unique functions you can control with your voice alone. This dynamic makes smart speakers practical and easy to use. Beyond that, you’ll find these speakers come with countless other benefits, like personalization.

Here are five reasons why you should get one.

1. Convenience and Abilities

One of the biggest draws of purchasing a smart speaker is its convenience. These gadgets are simple in their design. You give it a command of any kind, and it carries out the task in seconds.

You can ask to play music, search for questions, shop for products, and even send texts. Powered with your voice, these speakers have countless abilities that make everyday life a breeze.

Amazon and Google have been leaders in the field thus far. Simply say, “Alexa” or “Okay Google” to get them to start listening to your request. Ask your speaker to play a song, and you’ll hear it immediately.

2. Integration

You can add even more abilities to your smart speaker once you connect it to other smart technology in your home. These other gadgets could be smart light fixtures, irrigation systems, security cameras, or thermostats. Once you connect them all, you can control them from your speaker.

If you want to dim the lights, all you have to do is ask your speaker. Then, it will dim the lights in the particular room you requested. The same concept applies to your smart thermostat.

With easier controls all in one place, people with disabilities may find it more accessible to command a speaker to do everyday tasks instead of moving about to complete them themselves.

3. Personalization

On top of the general tasks, like changing the TV channel or ordering some food, you can also use a smart speaker for plenty of personal acts. As it integrates with your phone, you can make calls and send texts right from the speaker.

However, you can personalize your experience in some other ways, too. Through machine learning algorithms, your smart speaker will adapt to your routines and schedules. It can make suggestions like setting an alarm for a certain time. You can set calendar events and reminders, too, so your smart speaker completely revolves around your schedule.

Certain Google Home displays will help with family reminders as members go about their daily lives. This tech provides a unique experience for each user.

4. Emergency Communication

Emergencies can arise at any moment, whether they’re on a personal or regional scale. In these instances, smart speakers can be invaluable.

Emergency services could use smart speakers in a similar way that they currently do with TVs or smartphones. In instances of fires, missing people, storms, or any other emergencies, officials can announce the event over the smart speakers.

If the emergency is on the individual’s end, the hands-free nature of the speaker could help. For instance, if an elderly person has fallen and can’t get to the phone, they can use their voice to have their speaker contact emergency services.

5. Industry Growth

Industry growth is another big reason why you should get a smart speaker. In the grand scheme of things, smart speakers are still getting their footing. They’re innovative and capable but are still on the rise with sales, which means there’s more progress to come.

Experts expect the industry to grow to $11 billion in value by 2023, which means these items are hot commodities. Now is the time to buy and jump on the growing trends and industry.

As for today, you have plenty of options to choose from. Google, Amazon, Bose, Sonos, Apple, and Lenovo offer some of the most innovative smart speakers on the market at a range of prices.

The Gadget to Buy

Of all the gadgets on the market, smart speakers stand out the most. They’re easy to use, they offer advanced abilities and controls, and they integrate with all of your other smart devices. In a growing industry, you’ll see smart speakers evolve from here. If you’re looking for a sign to buy, this is it!

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