A TV antenna for your business

It seems like a perfect month to tell this story.

A long time ago, long before I worked for Solid Signal, I was working for a fairly large company that had nothing to do with over-the-air antennas. Yet, one day I noticed that the roof had an over-the-air antenna installed, and the cabling clearly led inside. The antenna was in good shape and didn’t look like it was cast off from decades earlier.

I had the opportunity one day to ask the owner of the company about it. He said that it was too expensive and unnecessary to bring cable or satellite into the office. Still, sometimes he liked to have a TV in case there was something he needed to know.

Honestly, I filed that information away under, “he’s probably lying, he probably likes to watch the soaps in his private office.”

That was in the summer of 2001, a little more than 20 years ago.

And then…

Well of course we all know what happened twenty years ago this month. On that particular day, I’d heard the news report on the radio while driving in. By the time I got to the office, there were several people crowded around a fairly small TV watching things unfold.

And I understood then, for the first time, why the boss wanted a TV antenna on the roof.

Are things so different now?

You might be thinking that if something like that happened today, we’d all be watching it on our phones. Or, we might be streaming it on our work computers. Both of those things were impossible in 2001.

You’d think that. But let’s be honest, there’s a lot of stuff that “breaks the internet” when it happens. If there was a real serious world event, it would probably cause so much congestion that you wouldn’t be able to stream video reliably. Hey, let’s be honest. If you can’t stream stuff off Disney+ when it drops, do you think that the internet will be there for you in an emergency?

Why an antenna is perfect for business

Hooking up a TV antenna and using an inexpensive TV is a buy-once solution with nothing more to pay once it’s installed. That makes it perfect for emergency use. TVs are so energy-efficient that they could run for hours off a mid-size UPS, meaning that they are even better in emergencies.

Keep in mind too that TV is the best source for truly local news. I think we all tend to turn to social media when something is happening, but social sites don’t give you perspective. I think we’ve all learned that social isn’t always a good place to get honest and truthful news. Locally produced TV news is a lot more reliable and is generally held to a lot higher journalistic standard.

If you put a TV antenna at your place of business, you do have the option for using it for entertainment. You could air major sports events in the office to keep people happy. You could put a TV in the lunchroom. Again, you have options and it’s up to you.

Choose an antenna from Solid Signal

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