An antenna’s a smart plan right now

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to take on one of those projects you’ve been putting off. This year’s a little different. Depending on who you are and where you are, you might not quite feel comfortable hosting a barbecue or going out to the beach. But, no matter what season it is, there’s always an opportunity to catch up on a little news, sports, or entertainment.

“Yeah but… I’ve been watching that TV for 3 months straight. I’m done with it.”

OK, I hear you. Despite the millions of hours of video entertainment out there on the internet, we’ve all learned that it’s possible to feel like there’s nothing to watch. Part of the problem is that there are so many choices. Some call this “choice paralysis.” It’s the reason that you remember always having something to watch when there were only three channels and there’s nothing on now that you have thousands of apps.

Having to make a choice of all the things available to you puts a burden on you to pick “just the right thing.” To put it another way, the problem with instant gratification is that it’s never fast enough.

Give antenna TV a try

Antenna TV makes sense right now. It’s an easy, comfortable way to enjoy what you’re watching. There’s still a lot of choice, with most areas enjoying over 60 different channels. There’s something for every taste. Antenna TV doesn’t demand that you become an active participant in your entertainment. Just turn it on and watch.

Yes, for decades, TV was called the “idiot box” and people were chided for “tuning in and tuning out.” Those are valid points of view. Here’s another valid point of view: life today is pretty stressful. It’s a smart idea to slow down and simply relax right now. If television helps you do that, how could that be bad?

How to get started with antenna television

The first step is, of course, having an antenna. An antenna’s a one-time purchase that could last you decades. Once you put up that antenna, there’s no monthly fee and no recurring charges. Set it and forget it, that’s the name of the game. Oh, occasionally you might need to re-aim it or scan for channels but when you compare that to the monthly frenzy of adding new apps and making sure you’re not paying for apps you’re not watching, it sounds like heaven, right?

Choosing the right antenna is super easy. Here are three ways to get it done right.

1. Take the time to do some research

If you’re still at home you may find yourself with plenty of time. There’s a whole big internet out there. Start with our “Cord Cutting 101” series. Then, browse for the antenna you want from the great selection at Solid Signal.

2. Get a recommendation from an expert

Did you know there’s a free service where you can get a recommendation from a real technician? I’m not talking about an app with some basic, canned responses. I’m talking about a real tech who looks over your situation and recommends the best antenna for you. Solid Signal offers this free service to anyone, with no obligation.

3. Ask for help from the community

Solid Signal’s Facebook group has hundreds of members who are willing to share their expertise. Why not take them up on their offer?

Get even more help

If you still have questions, why not give the folks at Solid Signal a call? Call 877-312-4547 during East Coast business hours, or fill out the form if it’s after hours or on the weekend.

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