The best investment you’ll make (in your DIRECTV system)

Buy an extra remote. Solid Signal has them for really cheap. This old-style white remote will work with every DIRECTV receiver made from 2003 until the present day. If you lose your remote or if you program it wrong, you’ll want a way to make it right.

This is especially important with the newest generation of clients and receivers. This happened to me — I had a DVR with a broken touch panel and I didn’t know it for a year or so. I just never touched the thing. And of course the latest clients and receivers don’t have any buttons at all except for power and reset. This makes it really hard to reprogram a remote if you’ve done it wrong. Of course there’s an easy way to reset a remote that’s giving you trouble, but if you need to go into the receiver’s menus for any reason you’ll need a working one.

And of course, let’s not forget that you could lose the remote or break it unintentionally. Just having a spare one in a drawer is an easy way to deal with the problem. There is absolutely no reason to go without DIRECTV entertainment while you’re waiting for a new remote to come in the mail, and there’s really no reason to pay the $25-$30 that your local big box retailer charges for a similar remote. Do yourself a favor, get the remote now, and stick it in the drawer. You’ll thank yourself later!

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Stuart Sweet
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