Can you use a home cell booster in your RV?

Well you can… but you probably shouldn’t. Home boosters, even this inexpensive Home Studio booster from weBoost, really work best in a home environment. It provides excellent coverage for a small home or office in an inexpensive package, and is ideal for people who don’t want or need to cover a large area at home. It’s perfect for the tight budget. But it’s probably not the right choice for an RV.

Let’s take a moment to explain

The Home Studio is a very powerful booster especially considering the price range it’s in. Unlike other boosters in its price range it offers a full 65dB of boost which is 100 times more powerful than the 45dB boosters that were common with the previous generation of boosters. That’s good news for home, but it’s the very reason that it’s not right for an RV. It’s just too powerful.

Remember that in order to get the maximum power from a cell booster, the outdoor antenna should be mounted 15 feet or more from the indoor unit. Practically speaking, this is pretty hard to accomplish in an RV. It might “just” be possible to put the booster itself up near one end of the RV and put the antenna near the other end. At that point, though, you’re providing cell boost for not only you but all the other cars in the near vicinity. If you’re in traffic you could be providing a lot of service to a lot of people. Why should you care? Because there could actually be enough people attached to your cell booster that you, yourself get kicked off it.

Choose the right cell phone signal booster

The best choice for almost every case is to put the right cell booster in your RV. There are plenty of choices, but one of the best is this Drive Reach RV cell phone signal booster from weBoost. It’s not the cheapest unit on the market but it is so solidly designed that you’ll probably never have to worry about it. It also boosts LTE data and even 5G from some carriers. That is probably just as important to your passengers as voice service. Once you install this cell phone signal booster, it provides “just enough” boost for an RV with a low-profile antenna that won’t offer free cell service to the entire freeway. It’s perfect for practically any large vehicle.  This booster will operate on the DC power supplied by your RV rather than you having to plug into an outlet.

This is definitely a case where you want to have the right hardware in place. That’s why it’s worth the extra money to have a dedicated booster for your home or office. You should have a separate dedicated booster for your RV or truck.

Other alternatives that are out there

By the way, there are a lot less expensive alternatives for a vehicle like weBoost’s Drive Reach, but they’re designed for a single user and won’t cover an entire RV. If you just need something for the cab, this might be the right option for you.

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