Can you use multiple DIRECTV remotes in the same room?

Quick answer: yes. Why not give everyone in the room their own remote? Here’s an easy guide to what you need to do:

All DIRECTV Receivers

With all current DIRECTV receivers and DVRs, you can use as many infrared remotes as you want.

This is by far the easiest option. Buy a new DIRECTV remote (old style or new style) and in most cases you will be able to start using it with no programming necessary. If you want to control your TV’s volume, follow these easy steps.

DIRECTV 2-tuner DVRs (HR20 – HR24) and receivers: using RF
It’s a little harder to program more than one remote to control one of these receivers or DVRs to use RF but you can do it. First you’ll need an RF remote like this one. To check to see if your remote is RF capable, look at the model number at the top left. If there is an “R” after the number (like RC65R or RC65RX) then it is an RF remote. Or, if you see an FCC ID sticker on the back, that’s an RF remote.

If you want to go through the automated steps, first reset your DVR back to IR mode using this tutorial. Then go through the process to program a new RF remote as shown here. Both your old remote and new remote should work in RF mode.

If you want to skip a lot of steps, follow the directions on this screen:

and in step 3, enter the last six digits of your Receiver ID. The easiest way to get these numbers is to press {DASH} on a working DIRECTV remote while you’re watching live TV. They will pop up there. Or, look on the green sticker usually next to your access card and they will be there.

Remember, on 2-tuner DVRs and regular receivers, you can use EITHER RF OR IR. You can’t’ do both at the same time.

It’s also worth pointing out that if you have the DIRECTV app on your phone or tablet, you can use it as a remote so long as your receiver is networked and connected to the internet.

Genie DVRs and clients

Genie DVRs can use both IR and RF at the same time, but only if you use the RC71 Genie remote. The procedure is pretty much the same. If you have already programmed a remote, you will have the option to copy it in the Remote Control settings screen, which will save you time programming the new one for the TV.

With a Genie DVR or client, you can use either IR or RF or both, so enjoy! It’s the most flexible option.

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