Can you use a cell booster in a tent?

Here’s another one that comes from our social channels. We had a customer ask:

How can I get better cell service in the middle of the forest? I camp a lot and there isn’t always good cell service. What to do?

This one took a little bit of thought. For the most part, cell boosters aren’t used outside. After all, the whole point of a cell booster is to take signal from outside and bring it inside. But, after some thought, I came up with a solution that ended up working.

The weBoost Drive Sleek

This is the weBoost Drive Sleek. It’s designed to give great cell service for one device in a car. And, it turned out to be the perfect choice to boost cell service in a tent as well.

The difference between this booster and other boosters is that it has a lot less power. It’s designed only to boost signal for a single phone, attached to the cradle. The boosted signal doesn’t go more than a few inches away from the cradle and that makes all the difference.

I advised the customer to attach the outside antenna to the highest point possible, whether it was on a tree or a post or whatever. Then, power the whole thing with a battery pack with a 12-volt lighter socket. These battery packs are pretty common in camping situations. Alternately, they could have cut the cord apart and wired it to a power bank that’s designed to provide 2 amps of power. In this case that wasn’t necessary.

The customer was happy, and so I thought I’d tell you all that it worked.

Why this booster works where others would not

Cell boosters have complicated anti-feedback circuitry. If the outdoor antenna senses any signal from the indoor antenna, it reduces power until it can’t detect that signal any more. With a conventional booster, this would probably mean no signal at all.

However, the Drive Sleek and other single-device vehicle boosters are designed to work in situations like this. They do it by keeping the broadcast power so low that it only works a few inches away from the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna is built into a clamp or cradle which holds the phone securely. This also keeps it from bouncing around while you’re in the car, because no one wants that.

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