Can you use AT&T TV with gotW3?

If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ve probably noticed that we’re leaning pretty hard lately on two new products. They’re two of the newest products in the Solid Signal portfolio, and people have begun to ask if they can work together.

Let’s talk about AT&T TV

AT&T TV is the latest evolution of a product that started out being called DIRECTV NOW. Originally, it was a standalone app for smartphones and tablets, offering a live TV experience similar to cable or satellite. It’s gone through some renaming and rebranding. While you can still use it on most devices, the best experience can be found by using the AT&T TV device itself. This is a full-featured streaming box with the AT&T TV service built in. The remote looks and acts like a traditional cable TV remote, with a guide button and number buttons. When you turn it on, you go straight to live TV. It’s a good experience for someone just getting into streaming. Most of the time it’s the only box you’ll need.

Let’s talk about gotW3

gotW3 is the hot new product at Solid Signal. It looks like any other router, but instead of getting internet from a cable coming into the house, you get internet over-the-air, like a cell phone. It’s powerful enough to replace your home internet. Folks in rural communities, in RVs, and on boats love it because it provides real, high-speed internet much less expensively than satellite-based solutions. It’s about 20 times faster than DSL, too. It can live side-by-side with your home internet to give you a separate pipeline for working from home. That’s proven to be very important lately.

But can they work together?

Here’s the answer you’ve been hoping for: YES. AT&T TV boxes are equipped with both wired and wireless networking, so connecting to the gotW3 device is easy. gotW3 has no data caps, so you can stream as much as you want. They work so well together, you’d almost think they were made for each other.

But why would you want them to work together?

Ah, here’s where you really have to think about the benefits. Let’s say you have a summer home and a winter home. Or a home and an RV. You’re probably tired of paying two bills for internet, two bills for TV service, et cetera. I don’t blame you.

With the pairing of gotW3 and AT&T TV, you get one set of bills. Just pack up the devices and take them with you. As long as you get good cell service in that second location, you’ll be set. You won’t even need to reconnect the AT&T TV box to the gotW3 box. It should be completely plug-and-play.

With this method, you take your TV with you and it’s so easy.

It’s even better on short trips

On short trips, use the AT&T TV app for your phone, tablet, or streaming device to get almost the same experience you have at home. All the same programming is there, you can even watch your own DVR from anywhere! Some devices don’t let you rewind and fast-forward live TV, but I’m told that functionality could come soon.

If you’re ready to move into the world of streaming TV, and you’re ready for reliable high-speed internet without the hassle of multiple bills, check out AT&T TV and gotW3 now at Solid Signal. Give us a call at 866-726-4182 to get more information about both systems, and we can get you signed up immediately! You can start enjoying AT&T TV today, and when your gotW3 device arrives, just plug it in and it will start working too!

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