If you can’t put up the antenna you want… is it still worth it?

So you’ve done it. You’ve decided to cut the cord. You want those free HDTV channels, and you want them now. You contacted Solid Signal and used their free TV antenna finder service.

And then, reality set in. You need a big outdoor antenna. Maybe your homeowner’s association doesn’t allow it. Maybe you live in an apartment. Maybe your spouse just doesn’t let you go up on the roof. Whatever the reason, the antenna you need just isn’t an option. So, do you give up?

No way. Not yet.

First, go to our Antennas page and see what other people in your area have bought. That might give you an idea if a smaller, indoor antenna will do anything to help.

Second, give our antenna professionals a call at 877.312.4547. Explain the situation. There are several very powerful indoor antennas that may not be the best so they may not have been recommended for you. Take the time to explain the problem, and there may be a solution for you!

We’ll take the time to work with you, to explain all the options, and let you know what you can expect. It may simply be that there is one station in your market that requires you to put up a really big antenna, and maybe that station can be replaced with a Hulu subscription or free app. That could free you up to put in a much smaller antenna indoors and you’re back in business.

Cutting the cord is worth it

Folks, the idea of cutting the cord is worth not giving up on! It may be harder than you expect, but think about the math for a second. Most of the antennas at Solid Signal cost less than the average monthly cable bill. Even if it took you six antennas before you get it right — and it’s pretty unlikely it would — you’d still be ahead of the game in six months. Most antenna equipment is so reasonably priced compared to the cost of a year’s worth of cable TV that you could experiment to your heart’s content and still end up saving money.

Whether you want help or just want to research and try, your best bet is to look through the great stuff at Solid Signal and ask a lot of questions. We have live chat, phone operators, and of course you can post your questions here at this blog. However you want to do it…. we’re here for you.

So yes… to answer the question at the top of this article, yes, it’s worth it. It just may take a little more effort, but it’s definitely worth it!

No matter which antenna you want…

you’ll find it when you shop at Solid Signal. You might be looking for an antenna that’s “Mr. Right” or one that’s “Mr. Right Now.” Either way, you’ll find what you want. No one has a greater selection of high-quality antennas, all at the most reasonable prices. Give us a try today… you’ll be glad you did!

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