Is CB Radio dead?

There’s a huge portion of the population who weren’t even alive during the CB craze of the 1970s. It was the equivalent of facebook, twitter and chatrooms all in one — a technology that let you reach out to others in different places, meet people and share information somewhat anonymously.

CB really hit its peak around 1978, with movies and songs devoted to it along with numerous magazines. All the major car manufacturers offered a CB option in their vehicles, and everyone knew what “Breaker 19” and “Smokey” meant. Today, though, it may seem like an outdated technology, another relic like super 8 film, wax records and Polaroids.

If you’re too young to remember the CB craze, here’s a little video from way back when that talks about it:

Is CB dead? Absolutely not. CB may not be the craze it once was. Remember, in 1978 there were no handheld cell phones, no FRS radios, no twitter, no facebook, in no World Wide Web. A few thousand people in the world had e-mail. Today there are more ways to communicate than most people have time for.

There is still a strong CB community out there, and you can find them, ironically, communicating on facebook and twitter, not just on the radio. The CB radio has never gone out of fashion for truck drivers, who rely on it rather than risking expensive tickets for texting or talking while driving. Looking around, there are still a few of those large whip antennas on cars around town, and monitoring popular channels is still a pastime among many people.

Solid Signal sells a wide variety of CB equipment, from modern compact models to retro-styled, chrome-faced models that would look perfectly at home in your restored ’74 Gran Torino. They’re inexpensive, too… today’s CBs cost less than their 1970s counterparts. Quite a feat considering that a 1976 mid-size car could be bought for about $4,000.

In fact, for $50, it might just be worth trying one for yourself. This Uniden PRO-510XL is a great deal and less than you would pay for a night out at the movies. Why not try CB radio for yourself?

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