Do those cell booster stickers work?


Rather than save the suspense for later in the article, let’s get this one out there right now. Those little gold stickers don’t do anything. In fact, it’s a real problem for the cell booster industry. Too many people have been turned off by those little gold stickers to believe that there is something out there that does really work.

What I don’t understand is how those things are still sold. You would think there would be enough evidence now, that no one would buy them. Yet, I saw one just the other day. Someone still thinks they work, and that someone is wrong.

The science is clear

Folks, there is some real science behind cell booster technology and those stickers don’t even come close. Even if they actually were connected to your phone’s antenna, there’s no guarantee that they would add any real benefit. I understand that today’s phones don’t have a connection for an external antenna. I wish in some way they did. But the truth is they don’t.

On the other hand, a real cell booster does work. It uses a large antenna to pull in as much signal as possible, then brings it into the home or vehicle and rebroadcasts it with more strength than you’d get from a distant cell tower. The indoor antenna picks up the signals from your phone and passes them along to the cellular provider without adding additional noise. It acts like a giant wired antenna for your phone. It also provides great signal for everyone else in the home or business at the same time.

Why do boosters work when stickers don’t?

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “what’s the difference?” It’s simple. Those stickers don’t have any ability to amplify since they have no electricity passing through them. Every amplifier needs power and those stickers don’t have it. Real cell boosters do. Another way of increasing reception is by using a larger antenna and those stickers may look big but they’re not big enough to make a difference. A real cell booster has an antenna large enough, and placed high enough, that it can increase the amount of signal collected.

So, walk right past those stickers when you see them at the dollar store. Even at that price they’re not worth it. If you consistently see better reception outside than inside, a cell booster is a great investment… as long as you spend more than 99 cents.

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