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Sometimes one booster won’t cut it. Let’s just imagine that your office needs good cell service. Of course, the people who complain the most are the folks in the big corner offices. With all those windows they really ought to be getting good service right? Turns out low-E glass, which makes the building more energy efficient, is the worst thing for cell service.

So now you’re stuck with the top two people in the company, with offices on opposite sides of the same floor, complaining about bad cell service. And this is absolutely, 100% your problem.

This isn’t a hit-or-miss situation

When you’re dealing with business, it’s all about success. You can’t just buy the cell booster you think you want and hope that it works. You need a professional on your side.

Luckily, you have one. The experts at Signal Connect, the commercial arm of Solid Signal, have over a decade of experience with commercial cell booster systems. You can talk to one of our consultants and get the exact booster system you need.

How it works

The more information we can get, the better. First, start with an accurate description of the problem. What are the signals like outside? Where are the dead spots? In order to really understand this, you’ll either need a visit from a pro, or your own signal meter.

This Wilson signal meter is much better than just using an app on your phone. It measures all the cellular bands, not just the ones your phone is capable of reading. You see, if you have AT&T then your phone only reads AT&T cell signals. (Makes sense, right?) So you will have no idea whether the signals used by Verizon, T-Mobile, or one of the other companies are strong or weak. Plus, it’s getting harder and harder to get honest numbers out of your cell phone. There are apps for Android, but they don’t even tell you which band you’re reading. And the “bar indicators?” They’re just useless.

A proper site survey includes getting readings from the roof, from ground level, and from all over the inside of the building. If you take those readings, along with a floorplan, you can get a pretty good idea where the problem areas are.

DIY? Or hire an expert?

You can hire a cell booster installer to help you get these readings if you don’t want to pay for a signal meter. Signal Connect’s reps can help line up someone in your area who can not only do all the readings for you but can do the final installation and testing. If you have a serious need, you’ll want a serious person.

The real secret sauce…

With a floorplan and some readings, our team can create a “heat map” that shows where the signals are strong and weak. That will give the ability to create a simulation of your building where they can place antennas as needed and observe the effects. This is the scientific way of getting all this done, and your Signal Connect team has the tools to make it happen.

If you’re looking for an industrial-quality cellular booster system, it’s best to start with a phone call. The reps at Signal Connect, 866.726.4182, can help you from beginning to end. It’s the best way to end up with what you really want… great cell service AND a happy boss.

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