Cord-Cutters: Know Your Football Options

A partnership between ESPN and Campus Insiders will deliver the 2016 college football season to more streamers and cord-cutters. While this is great news, Solid Signal brings even more pro and college football to those who cut the cord.

ESPN announced this week that it will stream Conference USA football games from its ESPN3 streaming channel. For cord cutters who have some type of Internet service alongside their TV antennas, this announcement could be great news. Many Internet providers offer these college football games as part of their services. It’s also available with a subscription to Sling TV or PlayStation Vue.

What About College and Pro Football?

While ESPN’s announcement makes college football available to more cord-cutters, it’s not the only way you can watch football. What about those cord-cutters who want to watch college and pro football? While many home games are broadcast over the air, it can be difficult for cord-cutters to watch away games. And TV antenna owners who live in states without pro football teams often miss out on all the action.

If you want pro and college football but don’t want to pay your cable company to get it, there’s only one solution. That solution is getting DIRECTV and its NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX viewing package. This gives you every game from every team, every time. Plus, you can watch college football games on ESPN and other channels. It’s a football fan’s dream come true!

NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX is loaded with benefits, including:

  • Includes the Game Mix channel, which allows you to watch multiple games at the same time.
  • Picture-in-picture mode with a DIRECTV Genie DVR.
  • Choose between home and away team broadcasts.
  • Fantasy football fans can flip between games featuring their players.
  • Football fans who follow teams outside New York City can see these games, too.
  • Best of all, with DIRECTV, you can keep your TV antenna and all the free over-the-air programming.

Your DIRECTV Viewing Options
There’s more than one way to watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. You can get this package through a DIRECTV satellite dish or as a streaming-only subscription for most Apple and Android mobile devices. You also can use your PS4 or Xbox One to stream NFL content to your TV. Streaming comes free with a DIRECTV satellite subscription. People who live in an apartment building, dorm, hostel, or other building without DIRECTV access must use this as a standalone streaming service.

Try It for Free!
DIRECTV is offering its NFL SUNDAY TICKET packages to most new subscribers free for the first year. There are some limitations which your sales rep will explain to you. It doesn’t get any easier or more affordable for football fans to enjoy more of their favorite sport than anyone with cable.

Get Best DIRECTV Service From Solid Signal
When it comes to DIRECTV, we’ll make your experience an easy one. We’ll get you the equipment you want, the price that works for your budget, the programming you desire, and the support you deserve. If you want to get the process started, or maybe have a few questions you need answered, feel free to call us at 888-233-7563 or order DIRECTV online.

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