Don’t pack up that home school rig just yet

School is out for summer in all 50 states now. For most of us, we’ve just finished a tough year where our kids spent a good part of it at home. Every year, we struggle to become experts at the things our kids are learning, and this past school year we’ve had to be IT experts as well. It’s one thing to have sketchy internet at home when you’re just worried about streaming or playing games. It’s another when work and school depend on it.

There could be bad news ahead

This isn’t a medical blog. There are a lot of places you can get information like that. But if you do read those sorts of sites you know that news isn’t all good. Yes, things are better than last year. Yes, there’s still a good chance you’re safer than you were, no matter who you are. But things might not be headed in the right direction.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty worldwide about the direction that public health is going. As I said, I won’t delve into it. But I urge you to do your reading and come to your own conclusions.

Now’s not the time to pack up

Yes, your kids don’t need all that technology for the summer. But instead of tearing down everything you spent all that time maintaining, I think you should be upgrading. You gave your kids a fair shot this year by making sure that they had the tech they needed. The truth is, they may need it again.

Now that schools know they can do everything remotely, do you think they’ll go back to “snow days?” Chances are, they won’t. Chances are that any time bad weather comes, they’ll just move everyone to remote learning until the roads open up.

I think that the last year has taught the schools that remote learning is an option, and it’s not an option they’re going to walk away from

Get those upgrades done now

Now is the time to upgrade your home internet, add more accessories, and build an even better learn-from-home rig for the kids. If you’ve been putting off an upgrade to your home wiring or your cell plan, do it now. That way it won’t interfere with distance learning in the future.

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We can even help you get technology to let you and your kids do your work from anywhere. So many folks have taken to RVs and boats this year, and there’s no reason that you can’t have the same access you have when you’re at home.

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