Find out what antennas your friends are buying

There’s a very interesting tool over at our parent site, It lets you enter your ZIP code and learn what other folks in your area have bought. If they’re happy, chances are you may be too.

Get a professional recommendation, or…

You can always get a free analysis of your antenna needs from our experts using this tool. It does take a little while, because we don’t rely on web pages or scripts to do it. Every recommendation is generated by hand by antenna professionals who check all the information you enter. If you’re looking for something faster, you can get a good idea of what to buy just by looking at what your friends and neighbors have bought.

Using this tool is easy

Enter in your ZIP code and the system does the rest. It will search all of the surrounding areas for purchases that have been made. Solid Signal has sold millions of antennas and continues to sell thousands upon thousands every year. So, you should be able to get an idea which antennas are most popular. You’ll see a list of all the antennas that have been bought, with the most popular ones being toward the top. That should make the answer very clear

Getting the right antenna

Of course, it can be hard to know which antenna is really best for you because every situation is different. There are different needs for every location. Some people live in single-family homes and some live in apartments. But, one thing you can see for sure is that a larger, well-made antenna from a brand you can trust will usually do a great job. This tool will help you find what you need.

Is an Xtreme Signal antenna right for you?

Xtreme Signal is the “house brand” of Our antennas are made to our exact specifications in factories that only make over-the-air reception products. They may look similar to others that are on the market but they have special features which make them unique. Even our smallest antenna outperforms similar rivals, delivering up to twice the signal strength due to their special connection technology. Choose the antenna that’s best for you. As you get into larger and larger antennas, they become more complex.

Even the smallest Xtreme Signal antenna can bring in channels from dozens of miles away, and our HDB2X antenna will work with homeowner associations and condo board rules of all kinds. It’s designed to meet federal standards and if your HOA says it’s not allowed, send him this link and let him know that federal laws supersede condo boards, 100% of the time.

Once you’ve looked at the TV antenna by ZIP tool, head over to where you can find out more about these awesome antennas, or go straight back to where you can check out Xtreme Signal and all the other great brands. If you need help right away, you can go into our live chat and talk with an expert!

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