Get all the TV you need with just an antenna and some internet access!

Don’t want to pay for cable, DIRECTV, or DISH? Well, you can still get all the TV programming you want from just a simple antenna (that we sell here), and some internet access. Local HD channels and streaming sites like Netflix, and even YouTube can provide all you want, and more.

I’m sure you’re all aware of Netflix, a simple streaming service offering thousands of TV shows and movies on demand for as low as $7.99 a month. Netflix alone is sufficient watching for some people, and at a much lower cost than your monthly cable or satellite bill. Netflix alternatives are also a good option for those looking to watch their shows or movies, on a budget. Hulu, like Netflix is a large streaming service, but is free. Yes, they offer a paid subscription which is superior to the free service, but free is always better. Another good alternate is Crackle, which we have talked about before. Crackle is great mainly because it is free, but lacks the selection of Hulu and Netflix.

If using the internet is too much of a hassle, but you still want to watch some of your favorite stations, you can do that too. Nearly all major broadcasting networks will be accessible to you through basic HD programming, and your indoor antenna. Easy installation, no monthly payment, and maintenance free, what is there not to love?

10/10 of the most watched TV shows this month are available to watch over local HD. Most major TV channels offer select programming to watch free on their website. All the tools you need to save money, and watch all your favorite programming are hiding right in-front of you! Come find them over here at .

Why pay for cable or satellite when all these tools are available to you? Never spend another dime on your cable or satellite bill! Get yourself an HDBLADE right now from our web store, here. We’ll provide any and all additional support you need to start saving YOU money. What else do you need? You have all the information, and equipment you need right here at Signal Group! Go get yourself an indoor antenna, and start saving!