Give your TV antenna the power of Televes

Do you need an over-the-air TV amplifier? If so, Solid Signal has a way to turn any TV antenna into a powerful, Televes antenna!

Want to know how to turn your TV antenna into something more modern? You might if you’re looking to improve reception and eliminate interference from LTE signals. We’re happy to tell you how to bring all the benefits of Televes to your existing TV antenna. Solid Signal has a way that’s easy and cost-effective; but before we tell you that, we first would like to tell you why Televes antennas are so unique.

Televes, which is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, is one of Europe’s leading antenna manufacturers. Many high-quality Televes TV antennas are available in the U.S. through Solid Signal. The company’s DAT790, DAT790 Mix, and DAT790 LR are the only antennas that have built-in Smart Amplification amplifiers which automatically regulate gain. They also include a Smart Filter function to block LTE signals from interfering with HDTV frequencies. All of this combines to give viewers more channels with better reception.

We believe that a Televes antenna is a great upgrade for your over-the-air TV set up. But what if you’re happy with your current antenna but still want the Televes experience? If this is you, then you might be happy to know that Solid Signal has the answer! There’s a way to bring all the benefits of Televes reception to the antenna you already have. Just add the Televes two-input pre-amplifier to your existing TV antenna system. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to reduce signal loss and increase gain!

The Televes pre-amplifier has some exciting qualities. It supports up to two antennas and offers an adjustable gain of up to 27dB for each antenna input. Like the three Televes antennas listed above, this pre-amp blocks LTE signals from interfering with HDTV frequencies. It also minimizes loss caused by having a separate combiner. The end result is exactly what you want – improved reception and more available channels.

Nearly anyone can improve their reception with the addition of a Televes pre-amplifier. The only question is whether or not you need to add one to your existing system. These devices are best used in situations where LTE interference is severely affecting your TV reception. Any one of our trained experts can help you determine whether you need an antenna pre-amp or something else to improve your reception.

So, could your over-the-air TV antenna system benefit from a Televes pre-amplifier? Calling Solid Signal at 877.312.4547 is the only way you’ll truly know!

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