Got a choice? Choose an outdoor antenna

I bet you could put up an outdoor antenna. Sure, not everyone can get up on a roof, and not everyone lives in a freestanding home. And of course it’s wintertime and this might not be the best time for you, depending on your location. Those in the North should stay off the roof for sure, but if you live in a milder climate this might actually be a better time to do this kind of thing.

Point is you’ll be glad you did.

But chances are, there’s a public space where you can mount an antenna and you’ll be glad you did. The very same antenna mounted outdoors can be twice as good at picking up distant signals, and who wouldn’t want that?

Start with an antenna like our Televes Dinova Boss Mix. It’s one of the most flexibles antenna out there. You can literally put it on a table if you want and it will get good reception. It works well as an indoor antenna, if you aren’t able to put it outdoors. But, where it really shines is mounted outside on a J-Mount or mast. That’s where you’ll see what it’s really capable of.

If you can’t drill into a wall or roof, fear not — with a little inventive spirit you can mount the Dinova to fences and railings, or use a freestanding tripod and mast along with a few sandbags for a damage-free solution. It’s incredibly easy and remember, your apartment complex or HOA can’t stop you from putting an antenna smaller than 36″ in size in a private area like your patio or courtyard. It’s a federal rule.

Easy temporary install

Even if you can’t drill a hole to feed the antenna cable, you can still find ways to get it indoors, at least temporarily. Antenna cable is thin enough to fit under some doorways, and you can buy thinner cables that will fish through the cracks in windows. Another option for a lot of homeowners is feeding an antenna through the vent holes in the roof. It’s not the cleanest looking installation but it might suit you if you’re renting.

Indoor now, outdoor later

So yes, an indoor antenna is a great choice and it may be all you need, most of the time. But if you have a choice, why not give yourself even more signal? Why not put up an outdoor antenna and find out the kind of really distant channels you’re capable of getting! Who knows, it might just be fun!

No matter which antenna you need, you’ll find the greatest selection when you shop at Solid Signal. We even have a free service to help you get the right antenna. This isn’t just some script running on a server. When you tell us about your home, the request goes to real trained technicians. They’ll review everything and come back with a recommendation based on experience. It will have everything you need to be able to install that antenna the right way. Try us out… the service is completely free!

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