Great summer project: reaim your antenna

Warm weather is here and with it comes the opportunity to go outside. You might not be completely ready to sit in the crowds, but there’s still a lot of opportunity for outdoor life to be lived. Or, if you’re on the cautious side, there’s still a lot indoors too. At the center of both of these… is your TV.

Are you sick of Netflix yet?

Yes, I pick on Netflix. I just don’t think they’re a great value and I think they try to be everything to everybody and it doesn’t work. But, I won’t blame you if you spent a lot of time in the last few months poking through Netflix. Now that you’ve run out of things to watch, you’re probably ready to come back to live TV.

Antenna TV is the best live TV

Antenna TV, in other words free TV that you get from an antenna, is the best quality TV there is. The quality is unparalleled. If you compare the signal from an antenna with that from the cable company, you’ll be amazed at what you’re missing. Not only that but you’ll be amazed how many channels are available — all for free — that your cable company never gave you.

Need an antenna?

If you don’t have an antenna yet, you can get one by shopping at Solid Signal. If you need expert guidance, you can get a recommendation from a real technician — not a bot — by filling out this form.

Get to it… aim that antenna

Aiming an antenna is actually very easy. You’ll want to make sure that you have a friend with you if you need to go up on the roof. You always want to stay safe. Check out this guide, which has been read over 50,000 times. Chances are you have all the tools you need and you don’t need to buy anything.

After you’re done aiming, rescan for channels on your TV. While it’s different for every TV, it’s usually a matter of pressing the MENU button on your TV’s remote. Look for a setup screen, and an option labeled “Off/Air Setup,” “Antenna Setup,” or “Scan for Channels.” Follow the onscreen instructions. The process is automatic and generally takes less than five minutes.

Whether you’re going out all day or staying safely indoors, you’ll want to have free, live TV coming into the house. With an antenna from Solid Signal and a few quick tasks, you’ll be completely set for a summer of fun!

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