Which HD BLADE antenna is for you?

There are so many if you search at SolidSignal.com… it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Let’s break it down by your main choices, rather than list all 65 or so. That might make it easier.

This is probably the most important choice. We offer the HD-BLADE in Slim and Square shapes. Both antennas performed similarly in our instrumented testingThe Slim HD-BLADE is designed to give slightly better performance for VHF and slightly worse for UHF. If you’ve clicked through the link, you’ll also see that the Slim HD-BLADE performs a little better in lower UHF frequencies as well. We generally recommend the Square HD-BLADE if you don’t know which frequencies are being used in your area, and the Slim if you have very limited space or if you’re going to use the HD-BLADE stand to help point the antenna in a way that just mounting it on the wall won’t support.

The choice of color makes no difference whatsoever in the performance of the antenna. Personally here at the blog offices we’re gaga over the clear antenna, especially if you’re going to mount it on a window. This is a really unique product at a really good price. It’s almost completely clear, of course, so it blends in with painted walls very well. Really, the choice is up to you.

Cable length
The HD-BLADE will work with any coaxial cable you have lying around, but if you need cable, we have both slim and regular versions available. The slim cable is great if you’re trying as hard as possible to hide the antenna, but there’s no getting around the fact that the regular cable will perform better since it’s thicker. In very short lengths, such as the lengths you’re likely to use the antenna, it doesn’t make much difference.

To amplify, or…
Here’s the really tough one. For the most part, digital signals going to a single TV rarely need a lot of amplification. But the truth is that you never know what’s going to benefit. You can guess… usually it’s those fringe signals right out about 35-50 miles that will really get something from being amplified. If you amplify signals that are too close, you’ll actually overdrive them and make your reception worse. If you think you might need an amplifier, though, the HDX Amp is so reasonably priced that there’s no reason not to get it and at least try it. If it doesn’t work, take it off the line and you’re really not out a lot of money.

Ready for a kit?
The least expensive way to get an HD-BLADE antenna is in a kit. We do have a lot of choices for HD-BLADE antennas, and that’s because we’ve built every possible kit we can in order to save you money. Shop and find the one that has the right mix of color, shape, cable and amplifier that you need!

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